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Trichologist recommendations? (And how much do they charge?)

Hi all,

My hairloss is really driving me mad, much more than the weight gain. Drs were always nasty and patronising, so have given up on NHS altogether.

Would love to see a trichologist in the Sourth Yorkshire area to check on my hair loss. I wonder if anyone has seen one they can recommend and give me an idea of how much they charge?


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I know it's heartbreaking losing your hair. I've lost over half of it and it's always falling out, as well as the hairs getting thinner and weaker.

I saw a trichologist in London about a year ago before was diagnosed hypo. She charged £250 for the 1/2 hour appointment. In hindsight, it was a complete waste of money. She told me that my hair would grow back -and suspected telegeon effluvium, that my hair loss was stress related - all standard spiel I know now. With more knowledge about my hypothyroidism, I know now that my hair will not grow back unless I get to optimum levels with my NDT and supplements (Ferritin). I still haven't got there, but I live in hope!

I was so used to having 'heavy' hair and hate the feeling of the wispy hairs, so I bought some 1" hair pieces that you clip in. You can add a couple here and there and it makes your hair feel heavier. Another thing (and a bit pricey I'm afraid) is Nanogen - hair fibres that you can sprinkle on the sparse areas to fill them in. That's a godsend!

You probably want to take some action and see a trichologist for your own peace of mind - but in my experience it was a waste of money.

Good Luck whatever you do - it is truly devastating losing your hair.


Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear the trichologist did not do much for you. I do hope that one such specialist will try to look further into my overall state of health and be prepared to prescribe the type of supplements what will bring me back to a state where hair growth may be possible. I know my iron is low due to a blood test I got done whilst abroad in Xmas, so I take ferritin. But it's been well over a year since I last saw a GP and refuse to see them again as I just can't stand being patronised and treated like a hypochondriac. I still trust other private specialists may take their patients more seriously as they rely on their fees for their income, whereas GPs, no matter how rubbish they are, or frankly, how many patients they kill, are still on lavish NHS salaries... well, rant over!


This link may be helpful and I have also read that going gluten-free can be helpful for alopecia areata.



thanks. I don't eat gluten. I've tried everything I've read about how to alleviate hypo symptoms, supplements, diet, ndt, I even changed toothpaste to avoid fluoride....


I'm sorry to say Dr Hayes Allen I used to go to has retired he was amazing so I just order direct now ... as I couldn't find a doctor local in Sheffield... Irene G


what is it that you order direct if you don't mind me asking?



I had all the test with Dr Hayes-Allen after being told from the NHS doctors I hadn't got an under active thyroid... I had been rushed into hospital several times with irregular heart problem, they put me on beta blockers (NHS)...After my results came Back from Dr Hayes-Allen It was clear I had a under active thyroid he put me on Armour thyroid 30microgram to start with sent a letter & the results from my blood test & hair analysis to my GP & he put me on thyroxine immediately. I now have 60 micro of Armour thyroid & 75 of thyroxine but since Dr Hayes-Allen retired I have to get my armour thyroid from America as I can't get a nhs doctor to prescribe the armour thyroid (they don't believe in it) 🤡 Clowns

Hope you can get sorted

God Bless Irene G


Thanks, Irene. I share your frustration. But then again that is why I hope a trichologist would be more receptive to treating the underlying causes of hairloss in a way that not even an endo would!


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