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Starting T3!

So following yesterday’s reasonably successful visit to the endocrinologist I’ve been to my GP today who is happy for me to self medicate T3 😃 he was also happy for my tsh to be under range.

He’s suggested dropping my levo to 125mcg from 150mcg and adding 12.5mcg liothyronine twice a day. Does this sound about right?

I know you normally suggest 6.25mcg at first but I’m quite a fluffy lady so he thinks I should be ok.

If anyone is in the south warrington area and needs a thyroid friendly gp feel free to pm me because I’m amazed at the difference between how I’ve been treated and some of your experiences x

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Love you description of 'fluffy'. Fluffy and proud! 12.5mcg twice a day sounds a lot. That's straight in at 25mcg. Doesn't sound like he knows much about T3 and is winging it. Great that he is supportive but do you want to damage your body on an assumption. Nothing wrong with slow and steady. Even 6.25mcg the first week and upping by that amount weekly until you're at 25mcg might be a shock to your system. Did he give you any other advice in case you have issues? Dropping down to 125mcg is the only piece of good advice he has suggested IMO

I'm sure the 'Greats' will comment but I felt I had to say something.

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I was thinking less is more to be honest! Think I’ll go with the 6.25 twice a day for now and see how I feel. He did confess to not being to knowledgeable on T3 dosing

I’m hoping I might be a lot less fluffy when this is all as right as it can be 😂


Fluffy, eccentric, etc. Don't lose your uniqueness! Be well lovely, Ebony xox


I’m definitely unique!!!! They threw the mould away when they made me 😂

My favourite saying is life’s too short to be miserable!!!!!


Just to say EbonyEvans has said what I wanted to and that dosage isn't size-related.

There are some very large (height and weight) body-builders who don't take much T3 at all when they are cycling but enough to achieve what they want (they monitor their bloods) and they remark that small women can sometimes need x5 the dosage. It's all very individual and not something that can be predicted using a size chart or similar.

Good Luck and Congratulations on winning the 'GP who understands' lottery!

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I’m going with the 6.25 twice a day, just taken the first dose x


If you find it too much, I'd go with a qtr tab a day then increase it at weekly intervals.


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