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Have you heard what is going in France?

Hello everyone. I have lived in England for nearly 20 years and have been on Thyroid medicine for more. There are a lot and I mean a lot of complaints regarding a new formulation for what is called "levothyrox" over there. My mum is suffering and all my friends who are taking it are also. It is lactose free. Does that sound familiar? I have been feeling very tired lately and put it on the fact I am working too much at the moment. Maybe I should check. Will get more information and let you know - Murielle

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I saw something recently about this and wasn't there a demonstration of some kind by thyroid patients in France?

Many people in the UK have had trouble with the new formula Teva brand which is lactose free.


We are French so of course there was a demonstration, we are good at that. Seriously though, I have also just read people and lawyers are preparing something like a class action against Merck...And the old formulation will be back soon apparently

Here it is for those French speakers out there :-)




Good news that the old formulation will be back. Hope you don't have to wait too long.

The news in English for non-French speakers: thelocal.fr/20170824/france...

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