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Help I'm loosing my hair

I was diagnosed with Hasimotos thyroiditis last year and lost a lot of hair until I was stabilized on the thyroid supplements. Now that I'm "normal" my hair has slowed on the shedding but is still coming out on my comb or brush . Does anybody else have this problem? I live in the US.sorry guys in the U.K.,If I'm treading on your webpage 😒

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It is normal to lose between 80-100 hairs daily. If the shedding has slowed it sounds like it was just because you were undermedicated. For me it is always a sign that I need more meds.

Some people though take a lot of selenium without first testing their levels and then selenosis can be to blame. A big cause of hair loss.

Anyone is welcome on our UK sites so not a problem!


..Hi there..!..'normal' bloods don't mean a thing ...it's where on that range that counts.When you say thyroid 'supplements ' do you mean medication? ,both under and over medication can cause hairloss as can even the medication itself sometimes.Low vitamins and minerals such as iron and b12 also can cause hairloss so they also could need looking at .Best thing to do is get copies of your bloodwork and post them here on the forum so people can have a look and give some advice .


Can't recommend selenium enough! I really struggle with hair loss but since taking a daily dose of selenium it has reduced massively.

Good luck


I agree with the post on taking selenium . The minimum dose is 200 mcg - The maximum is 400 . Since most of us don't eat quite the balanced diet then the chances that we get overloaded on selenium are very small . But like the previous post advised you'll know very soon whether it's working or not . The hair loss will decrease and even on the smallest dose you might notice that you feel better because the selenium helps the medicine get to where it needs to be at the cellular level . Along time ago when my Hashimoto's was brand new selenium even help me reduce the amount of medicine that I needed by 1/3 and again that was on the smallest dose . Here in the states it's difficult to get doctors to test the blood for selenium . So most of us have to do a little trial and error and we start out with the smallest dose . You should know in about 10 days or so if you feel better and in about six weeks On any hair improvement.


I have hashimotos and yes, I too get some hairloss. It does upset me when you look in the brush and there are a load of hairs. It is normal so I wouldn't worry too much unless it is visible on your head that you have lost a lot.

Good lucky girlie (or guy) x


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