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Cortisol questions - please help

These are my cortisol results (saliva test)

Waking - unsufficient

12.00 - 19.800 nmol/L 1.50 - 7.60

16.00 -1.940 " 0.00 - 5.49

Bed time - 2.710 " 0.00 - 1.99

I take most of my thyroid meds on waking - does this very low cortisol make a difference? Should I be addressing the high levels? I only manage about 5 hours sleep and wake consistently at 4 am. I've picked up some knowledge of thyroid thanks to the wonderful brains on this forum but cortisol? I'm lost :(

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If I'm reading this correctly you have a couple of high cortisol results. You say you're having trouble sleeping, have you put on weight especially around your middle? Are there other things you are struggling with? It might not be your thyroid that is causing problems but another issue.

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Hi Pauline. The weight problem is hard to gauge as the thyroid put the weight on initially and now I'm on T3 I've managed to lose some. Am I looking at an adrenal problem? Was considering taking something to address that


High cortisol can be the result of several problems, either if you have been on steroids for a long time; or due to a pituitary or adrenal problem. If they are genuine high results then there isn't really anything you can take to reduce it. Have a look at Cushing's to see if you have any of those symptoms, if you do the go back to your GP & ask for further testing, you might have to persuade him as it's "rare" & he may not take the private results.

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No steroids. Many years of stress though. Checked out Cushings and its not likely because not all my readings were high. Possibly adrenal fatigue - will research what to do now. Thanks for your help!

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