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Hi all,

Just wanted to share something that has helped me over the last ten days or so. I am still on the journey of balancing my levo and vitamin levels.

I have had a lot of problems with eltroxin since thyroidectomy in January tummy and bowel issues being really bad. I was taking 100 tab plus a 50 tablet, read somewhere that there are less fillers in the 50 tablet so have been taking three 50 last ten days and tummy and bowel issues are subsiding.

Hope this helps someone. Also taking digestive enzymes before each meal.

Thanks for all the help this far.

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I'm very happy that you found how to help yourself and that it works well for you . I started to go on the 50mcg strength about two years ago . I did not do well with the dyes . I wish that all the strength would be dye free . They contain yellow dye and aluminum . We could do very well with out them .


Hello, can you share with us what digestive enzymes you take? Trying to sort this out too. Thank you!


I take Terra Nova digestive enzyme complex.


Hi what make of thyroxine are you taking as some have more fillers than others, Also Teva has had a few problems for a lot of people, these ones made me nauseous.


I take mercury pharma


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