I am totally lost on how to get better? Just trying to understand all this? Was on Synthroid for the past 30 yrs. asked to try armour? Help?

REFERENCE RANGE TSH .34 - 5.80 T4F .61 - 1.12

On Started

Synthroid Armour

1/15/16 - 4/26/16 - 10/24/16 - 12/07/16 - 4/3/17 - 8/28/17

TSH - .14 .05 .08 .14 .19 15.26

T4F - 1.21 1.27 .87 .54 .61 .47

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Were all those tests on synthroid? I'm afraid it's not very clear. How much synthroid were you taking? Because it looks like you are under-medicated.


TSH 15.26 (0.34 - 5.8)

FT4 0.47 (0.61 - 1.12)

Is that right? If so, you are drastically under-medicated.

I was on .2 synthroid for over a year up until Dec of this year. I have been on varies mg. of synthroid for over 30 yrs. I asked to try armour because I've never felt well. Thankful for sites like this and the internet I feel for the first time in my life I'm started to understand why.

Synthroid is dosed in mcg, not mg. :) But, you still haven't said how much you're taking at the moment, and how much you were taking on 8/28/17. Nobody can help you with anything without all the details.

Sorry, I started on Armour in Dec. 120 and my doc add another 30 just yesterday making my total 150

So, that's 2 1/2 grains? And your TSH was 15.26 in August on 2 grains? There's something a little bit wrong, there. How do you take your Armour?

I take it in the morning on an empty stomach, I chew it up...I read somewhere it's better to do that? I don't drink coffee within an hour before or after. Thank you so much for your help! <3 I'm sitting here lost with my blood pressure going crazy! So overwhelmed! :'(

OK, so you have a bit of an absorption problem. I'm really not sure chewing it up helps. Have you tried without chewing? How soon do you eat after taking it?

Are you taking any other medication? If so, how far away from the Armour? Sorry, there's going to be lots of questions. But, it's not just idle curiosity. :)

Do you take acid blockers of any kind? Have you ever had your stomach acid tested?

Have you had your antibodies tested?

Thank you greygoose. I'm at a wall with what to do to feel better. I appreciate your help very much! I will stop chewing my armour. Never had antibodies tested. Will look into it. Don't know if the doc I going to will be cooperative? But will try. I've been on so many antibiotics. I've had a slew of surgeries, multi. hospital stays and been on tons of antibiotics in my life. So my immune system has been losey all my life. I don't know if I had gerd, or just maybe an over dose of stress for a very long time. I've had ovarian cancer twice. The last time was 4 years ago....it was a mass the size of a grapefruit in my abdomen. 1st time was over 24 years ago, I had a complete hysterectomy. The mass was not attached but had to come out. I was healing and then got food poisoning one month after surgery. I had a hernia and then mesh implant to repair. I got a huge abscess and was put on a 12 treatments of vancomycin ...twice within 3 months of each other. To make a very 3 long year story shorter.....the original synthetic mesh was removed and 2 years later pig mesh replaced it. I've had many blessing in my life. I am a survivor. But I've never won with this cursed thyroid so far!

You've been through a lot! So, let's see if we can get this thyroid thing sorted. :)

You didn't really answer any of my questions, though. It's not possible for anyone to help you, without all the details.

Cetirizine Hcl (Zyrtec 10MG Tablet*) ORAL AS NEEDED for Allergies

Docusate Sodium (Stool Softener) 100 Mg Capsule200 MG ORAL AS NEEDED

Ibuprofen (Advil 100 Mg) Tablet ORAL AS NEEDED

Losartan Potassium 25 Mg Tablet daily

Multivitamins 1 Tab Table daily

Low dose 81 mg aspirin

Pravastatin Sodium 40 Mg Tablet. 20 MG ORAL BEDTIME

Armour Thyroid 150 Mg Tablet daily I take my other med. on empty stomach in morning. Have my coffee, about an hour or so later I take the Armour and then eat 30 mins or so after that. No tests on stomach acids or antibodies, not taking any acid blockers. Do use tums once in awhile?

Wow, that's quite a list to unpick... And do you take them all at least two hours away from your thyroid hormone?

Have tried taking magnesium and/or large doses of vit C for the constipation? Much better for you than that drug. You can take up to 450 mcg magnesium citrate, and up to 5000 mg vit C - as much as you need, and it will be doing you good at the same time. The vit C will improve your absorption of other things.

Whist I love ibuprofen, because it's the only thing that controls my pain, I have to admit it's not good for you. It does lower you pro/prebiotics, so if you take a lot of ibuprofen, it might be a good idea to take some biotics as well. Taking them will also improve your absorption.

There is absolutely no point in taking a multivit, it's useless at best and dangerous at worst. You won't get anything from it, so it's a waste of money. What you should do is get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, and - using those results as a base - take just what you need in quantities that are going to help you.

Why are you taking the statin? They don't help women and are not recommended for hypos. However, they do cause a lot of side-effects, and they, too, can be dangerous. High cholesterol is not a disease, it is a symptom that something else is wrong in your body. You really should do your own research on that, but I can tell you, I wouldn't take them myself.

Cholesterol is necessary for all sorts of functions in the body. Low cholesterol will cause more problems than high cholesterol - no, it doesn't cause heart attacks or strokes. With low cholesterol you will have low vit D - and that will cause a lot of symptoms. You will also have low sex hormones - sex hormones are made of cholesterol - which will have knock-on effect on your thyroid. So, you will have a lot of trouble stabilising your hormones in general.

Tums... 2 Tums tablets contains 400 mg calcium. So, you need to take them at least four hours away from your thyroid hormone. They are for people with high stomach acid. As a hypo, you are more likely to have low stomach acid - hence some of the absorption problems. However, the symptoms are the same. Have a look at this article, at the end of which is a home test to determine your level of stomach acid. If your stomach acid is low, Tums are just going to make things worse.


So, there are a lot of changes that could be made to your dosing regimes, which have the potential to make you feel better. Less is more, as they say. :)

Oh, and I forgot! You really should wait for an hour before eating after taking your NDT. You are probably affecting your absorption by eating too soon.

And, you really, really need those antibodies testing! :)

Hi - it does look like you were underdosed but if it was only increased yesterday it will take some time before you know what effect that will have. You will need bloods done again then. Not sure but was it you who asked your doctor to trial ndt? Thats quite a big increase in synthroid to deal with first.

No, I didn't ask for increase. My old doctor agree to put me on the Armour after I requested it....not really wanting too. But he has left the practice so the new doctor just wants me to go back on Synthroid. She said Armour can't be regulated. I've only seen her 1 time and after telling her I wanted to stay on the Armour and give it a chance she up it 30 more. She rolled her eyes when I told her I felt I was feeling a little better being on the Armour since Dec. but now with seeing my numbers all up and down? I'm not sure of anything! I've been dumb and blind the whole time with my thyroid. I've always took "your within range" with full belief and thought this is just my life?

Oh my! Thats typical of the uncaring treatment we get for thyroid. I'm not surprised you've not felt well. I can see your eyes have been opened now - learn all you can and be pro-active in your treatment. Btw you'll know by reading this forum that our vitamin and mineral levels are also very important. Maybe you need a more comprehensive blood test?

Yes I am so thankful for sites like this and caring people like you and greygoose. I asked the doctor about more testing....she flat did not answer me. A person should have to fight with their caregiver....but if that's what it takes? Very sad!!

Its the reason why so many people here have taken their health in their own hands by ordering their own blood tests and even sourcing their own medication. Scandalous!!!

I just feel lost? I love this site and Stop the thyroid madness site. Learning from people that know what it is like to live with a thyroid disorder. And not get the eye roll or told your just experiencing the placebo effect.

Oh I still spend a lot of time feeling lost. And a lot of time feeling badly medicated even though I'm self medicating. Then I remind myself this isnt a simple equation...its finding the right way to enable a hormone that is needed in every cell in your body. So expect to get it wrong sometimes.

Thanks jexebel69! :D

Sorry you are struggling at the moment. Are you taking any other medication ? Do you have gut issues ? Do have B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD tested as they all need to be optimal for your thyroid meds to work well in the body ....

I'm on pravastatin for cholesterol, Losartan for blood pressure, multi vit. , 81 mil aspirin, magnesium for leg cramps, and just started taking 200 mg. selenium at night- read it might me good to take? I have severe IBS, a goiter, very high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Gerd, I'm a mess...and that's not joking :(

So many people when HYPO suffer with all the symptoms you mention. Raised cholesterol is not an issue and should come down when your thyroid is adequately treated. There is no research to say statins save the lives of women or snyone.

Blood pressure also linked to thyroid as is GERD.

Perhaps you have thyroid anti-bodies - have they been tested ? Also what is your FT3 level ? Try being gluten free to help your gut. What are you taking for the GERD ? - hopefully something natural.

You are not a mess - it is time to start reading this forum as much as possible so you can take control of your health.

Click onto my name and have a quick read of my edited profile. I have become well by reading and learning - you can do it too with the help of people here. 😊😊


Thank you Marz. I've just started asking questions....and have just got started! Never have I questioned any of my doctor's before? I blindly trusted they were doing the best for me. Boy was I dumb and blind? I can't really say I've ever felt good in my life. It took me until I was 28 to have a doctor say I had a goiter and that I needed to be on meds for my thyroid. Up until then with all the years of blood work done...I was told I was borderline? What does that mean? As I've gotten older I just have been put on more and more meds and just keep gaining more and more weight. And feel horrible most of the time!

Yes I understand you have not realised about your treatment. Put that behind you now and follow the advice given here - what did you think of my reply ? Did you click onto my name and have a quick read. You may then think that you too can become healthy and well. Do click onto the the link I posted for you above that takrs you to the main website of Thyroid UK.

Information is power 😊

Do you know how to use the SEARCH facility on this forum ? You may find it helpful to read about others and their journey to wellness ....

Yes I did visited you page. Clicked to follow you! New to it all Marz, so thank you for everything. I've looked a bit but will be on here lots more!! :D Lots to take in but I feel excited and hopeful too!

You are so right - it is lots to take in so just take it a step at a time.

Start a file - record the results with ranges and the dose. Also start a TO DO list - diet - tests required - articles to read - important links posted here and so on.

Keep asking questions - everyone happy to help.

It's common. If they don't cooperate find a dr,functional medicine or naturopath. They are very willing to help.(in my opinion)

Greygoose was right in that you shouldn't chew your Armour. It needs to reach your gut to be digested . . . it's only effective once it's broken down in the stomach so it needs to reach it. Take it whole with a glass of water.

Thank you dashi2208 I've been doing that since Greygoose suggested that and I believe I do feel a difference. I love this site!!! :D

as my Grandma used to say . . . thank you for thanking me.

Now I'm really confused? Lots of reading there. Saved and will read again. Thanks dashi2208

apologies . . no need to read it again it's slightly of topic anyway now I think about it . . . just don't chew your NDT would be a reasonable summary.

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