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New journey for autoimmune me ! Fingers crossed

Just been amazed by doing Dr Amy Myers The Thyroid Connection 28 day auto immune regime - it's not easy - but I feel sooo much better AND my diet was pretty clean before no gluten etc

Just Seen a private Endo & he's changing Thyroxin for Nature Throid so wish me luck - I'm gutted to

Learn that auto immune peeps should never eat gluten , dairy . & avoid grains, pulses , Soy , but my goodness it has worked even without the Nature Thyroid - not started yet . Costing approx £25 a month plus postage 😊

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Hi A, I have been taking Nature Throid for about a year and am doing very well on it. Remember to go 'low and slow', because of the T3. This is a link to a good website about adjusting doses:

In terms of diet, it is not true that you cannot eat dairy and grains, although soy and gluten are definite no-nos. Everyone is different and some people can tolerate dairy and grains. The Auto Immune Protocol promotes introducing different food types so that your diet is varied. I have managed to introduce some dairy (cream for example has less lactose and casein), white rice, lentils and nuts. Glad it helped.


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