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Swollen Tummy

Has anyone any suggestions on how to help a swollen stomach I have had for years (had tests nothing sinister there). I was on Levothyroxine (50) but this week have gone over to Armour (half grain). I don't have anything with gluten and I take pre and pro-biotics. I note that in the book Hashimoto's Protocol, Izabella Wentz suggests giving up diary as well as gluten. Do members agree with this? I understand we are not allowed soya products either so can anyone suggest what we can have instead of yoghurt made with milk or soya?? Help please!

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I've given up gluten and diary which I believe has really helped but still working on gut issues I have a lot of wind lol and often bloat I think low stomach acid can be a factor as food isn't being broken down then sits fermenting in the small intestine crating gas. Izabella Wentz suggests betaine and pepsin HCl and digestive enzymes I also use apple cider vinegar and yes avoiding soy is recommended which I'd do but I've found coconut and soy yogurt and I believe fermented soy is ok?


Oh thank you that is interesting about fermented soy


Try googling FODMAP diet. Basically it starts off as a very restricted diet, you then add foods in one at a time gradually so that you can identify what is causing the issue, no point in permanently cutting things out unnecessarily! I am sure I have seen mention that fermented soy is ok. Think it might have been by Humanbean or GreyGoose.


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