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Low Iodine levels and high fluoride levels

Sorry to post this twice. I wanted to remove the first one but don't know how to do it.

I am on thyroxine and have trouble losing weight so i went to see a prvate nutrionist recently and had a 24 hour Halides Urine test. This shows that I have very low iodine levels and high fluoride levels and so could explain the difficulty of losing weight.

I wanted to check it out with my gp but he says he doesn't know anything about it - I think he doesn't like me going to see someone else!

I'm going back to the nutritionist but want to get some ideas of what to do about this before i go. I think I've read that you can't take iodine supplements if you're on thyroxine.

Any idea please?

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Hi - you can take iodine (carefully) if a deficiency has been shown.

The difficulty in losing weight is likely down to less than optimum thyroid results, rather than any direct nutritional issues. If you post your recent results, including ranges, then we will be able to advise. Include any you have from TSH, ft4, ft3, TpoAb, TgAb, folate, ferritin, vit d, vit b12.



Thanks. I recently had my yearly thyroid test andthe doc said that its ok and I don't need to change the dose I'm on (75 mgs a day) but I don't have the actual test results.

I could ask for them but he's one of those doctors who gets irritated if you try to find out things for yourself!


You are entitled to have a copy of your results. I asked the receptionist and had to fill in a form and show i.d. but they gave me a copy as requested.

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Lesson number 1, never believe a doctor's interpretation of thyroid results. The majority of them seem to believe that anywhere in range is good enough - it isn't. Always ask for a copy, as per other comment it is your legal right to have them.


I think it would be more a case of reducing fluoride levels, than increasing iodine. Do the put fluoride in the water where you live? Do you use toothpaste with fluoride? Do you drink a lot of tea?


Thankseveryone. Greygoose - I don't live in an area where they put fluoride in the water, don't have it in toothpast or drink lots of tea. Any ideas how I can get the fluoride level down?



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