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i really need others help :@(

finally got my tsh to 0.33 but dr reduced my 50mg a day to every second day for fear of hyper

than after 5 weeks time my check up said my tsh is now 59!! and t4 8

so I'm not allow to try for a baby or ill miscarry again.

My dr says to have 50mg a day and x2 days a week have a 100mcg

Do you think 50 is too small dose? Its gonna take me ages to be in range at that rate?

Shouldn’t I be on 100 a day??

Any advice pls!! desperately want my baby

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your GP should never never never use TSH like that to decide on dosage he is totally wrong

equally you cant suddenly start taking 100mcg a day again that fast dose should be raised gently and maintained for life

TSH should be 1.0 or below

Freet4 should be 19 or 20

free T3 around 5.5

as for pregnancy do not even think about it until you are really 100% well and please please remember Thyroid disease and associated auto immune diseases are hereditary

we have 6 grandchildren only 2 are free of Hashimotos and its my husband who has Hashis developed after our daughters were born

If i had known the roller coaster life doled out to him and them i would have not had kids

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Thank u for ur response

My t4 was 8


I totally agree with reallyfedup123. If I had known I had a dodgy thyroid gene and would get hashimotos after the birth of my only child (lost 4) I would not have had any children. I wouldn't tell him that, but I know he has a thyroid problem. However he's now 35 and he refuses to have any tests. So life is fairly hellish

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I still want another child. :(

Hopefully I can get in range


Thats your perogative but 3 of my grandandkids are 23 another 19 then 16 and 13 all have more than one autoimmune problem and i am really frightened for any child they might consider having ...........at least they are well aware of the genetic flaws they have inherited my husband was denied all knowledge of his wider family health and i will never ever forgive his parents


What you need is a new doctor! Yours is not only ignorant but stupid. He hasn't a clue what he's doing. 50 mcg is a starter dose, and it should have been increased after 6 weeks, not decreased. And, as RFU said, he should not be dosing by the TSH. Honestly, he's going to make you ill, not better. You've got to find someone else, or self-treat.


My t4 was 8 my tsh 59

I'm tempted to take 100 a day instead of the told 50


He decreased it because I was 0.33 and didn't want me any lower

Than next check I was tsh 59 and

T4 8

Do you think I should take 100 a day instead of his said 50 a day ???


No, increases should be by 25 mcg at a time every six months. So, you could go up to 75, but not 100, yet.

Your doctor is very ignorant, and shouldn't be dosing by the TSH. as has been said. Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH is irrelevant. It doesn't matter how low it goes, as long as your FT3 is still in range. You need a new doctor, because this one will just do the same thing again, once your TSH goes down. He will keep you sick because he has no idea what he's doing.


He wants me to do fifty a day and two times a week do hundred

It was me that thinks I should be on a hundred per day.

I'm not sure what my t3 is but t4 was 8

Next results hopefully will be better.. I will ask for a referral for a specialist though as I really want to conceive and be healthy again


Ah, I see... Well, perhaps that wouldn't be too much of a jump, then. Try it, and see how you feel. If you start having symptoms like racing heart, drop down a bit, maybe try 50/100 on alternate days.


Thanks for ur advice

Do you think my huge spike could be brought down in a month???

It's a bit odd my tsh jumped to 59 all the way from 0.33

Does my t4 look really bad?


I can't answer any of those questions, because a) you didn't tell us how much you were taking before it was reduced. And, b) you didn't tell us how long you've been on the reduced dose. And, c) you don't give a range for the T4. And, d) we don't have an FT3 reading. Just too little information. So, anything I say will just be a vague guess, at best.

But, I have to say, I very much doubt that you can bring your TSH down that much in one month.


I didn't write the ranges down just the numbers Of the tsh and t4

To achieve 0.33 I was doing 50mcg per day

It was one month only that i had my 50mcg per day reduced for every second day and my tsh went up to 59

If it can go that high in one month why can't it go back to good range in one month?

:) thanks


Because it's not that simple, I'm afraid. It might, or it might not. It's not a direct ratio of quantity of levo to level of TSH. You'll just have to try going up to 100 mcg a day, and see what happens.

You should always note the ranges, because the results are meaningless without them. There isn't a standard national range, they vary from lab to lab according to the machines they do to analyse the blood. So, I have no idea how bad your FT4 is. Sorry.

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you need to sit back and read all the threads on this forum and start to really absorb and think about what you are doing ............right now your rushing headlong into major problems and probably a lot of real distress

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How am I? I'm just trying to gain some insight from people that have experienced this longer.

I'm taking the dose my dr told me and I won't mess with it and I will wait until my next check. I already feel better now I'm on my daily Meds


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