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Hypothyroid/Hashimotos and diet?


I react to everything I eat. It puffs me up and gives me such discomfort. Can people share their eating plans? I know it's not one size fits all, but some inspiration would be nice. I am allergic to coconut which doesn't help...

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I found good nutritional and diet advice from Diabetes UK website. I eat a low carb high fat diet and it's helped a lot. I've lost a stone in weight without effort. I'm not gluten free but as I eat only home cooked food and keep it simple I seldom eat gluten. If you have Hashimotos, gluten free is supposed to be good to heal the gut though.

I eat meat, vegetables except for potatoes (moderate amount of sweet potato ok). I don't eat pasta or noodles. I eat a very small amount, tablespoon of brown rice occasionally. I eat all the fruits, dairy products and use olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a tiny amount of Japanese soy sauce as condiments or make my own sauces using cream as a base. I eat a lot of full fat yoghurt for breakfast or as a desert and use it to add body to soups and stir frys.

It's a tasty varied diet and includes my decaf teas and coffees which I'm afraid I can't live without.

Me too! I have same diagnosis w pernicious anemia too. I've had to change everything about my diet. I just try to avoid gluten, dairy, sugar and additives. I'm not always perfect. I do notice a big improvement in my physical and mental health when I follow this protocol. It's super hard at times with my family tho especially on weekends. A typical day for me is breakfast of farm raised eggs or maybe a smoothie w avacodo, celery, cuke, carrot, cup field greens, cup blueberries vanilla pea protein power, almond milk. Lunch maybe salad w various veggies w olive oil and braggs vinager. Or maybe grilled chicken with side salad. Dinner is veggies and grilled meat or fish. I snack on nuts or gluten free snacks. Drinks is water and caffeine free tea. Desserts usually fruit. I have made the flourless chocolate cake recently. It was Devine. I miss things like pizza pasta and bread. I do once in awhile use some gluten free products but I find even some of those give me a reaction. I recently followed up w my functional medicine Dr. She has me on digestive enzymes and grapefruit extract. These supplements have helped tremendously w gas bloating and pain after eating. Those were Rx to me based on results/findings of labs I had done in her office. I know this diet (way of life as I see it) is a work in progress. I've been learning about it and doing it since April. Look on Pinterest too for new recipe ideas. There are tons of gluten free paleo ideas there. Guess all I can say is be patient and creative.

Best wishes 💞

TappedOut in reply to Drcbach

Drcbach, how long have you been on your way of eating? Also have you heard something about eggs irritating hashimotos patients? My doc recommended that I stop eggs in addition to gluten, sugar, and dairy. 🙊😳

I wonder how good this sounds:





Why wouldn't you eat the yolks of the eggs. They are really good for you.

Jo xx

I do not know for are, and I am leaning toward disbelief, but my current doctor, also a contributor to the second Stop The Thyroid Madness book, recommended I stop eggs, as he believes it fuels Hashimotos flares just as gluten is believed to. I don't know this to be true or even studied. Do you notice any negative response to eggs?

One other thing I'd like to add from my experience. For my autoimmune problems I see an endocrinologist. With him I get all my labs etc.covered by insurance. I also see as I mentioned above a functional medicine Dr. This is a rather new field within last 5-10 years I think. They have become more popular recently. Functional medicine treats the body as a whole. Some are MD's others are DO's or DC's with specialized training. I feel they are more like naturalpathic medicine. I love mine. She tested my gut for everything. Also my cortisol. Based on those findings in the gut she had me on things that have really helped I'm sure you have read all about leaky gut and the relationship to Hashimotos. I really feel I would not have gotten this addressed elsewhere. Anyway, if you have the means where you are or if you have a good PCP I think it pays to have gut evaluated w fecal test.

Dr, is he private? Endocrinologist saw on NHS useless. Have to self diagnose with online blood tests.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Thyroiditis86

There are a few functional doctors in UK

Not tried any myself - but would be interested to


I am gluten and lactose free since Hashimoto's diagnosis. Things improved a lot and antibodies reduced and have stayed low. Prior to hypo problems I was diagnosed intolerant to chicken and eggs and still avoid them. I do a lot of cooking from scratch. I can recommend Izabella Wentz book, also Chris Kresser and Terry Wahls books. You have to experiment and just go on a steep learning curve. NHS will not be any good except for occasional bloods. I have to supplement daily with VitD and K and B12 and B complex as Hashis seriously affetcs gut absorption. I am going to try bone broth next to heal my leaky gut! Functional medicine is the way forward, looking at how whole body works, can't see that happening on NHS as 10 minute appointment would need to be and hour minimum!!!!!

TappedOut in reply to crimple

Crumple, how long have you been eating this way? How did you find your chicken/egg intolerance? I replied here as well and mentioned before seeing your great reply, that my doc just recommended I stop eggs but he is basing it on what he's read, so I don't know whether I should eliminate eggs, as my diet has been for decades already very restricted. What is your daily typical breakfast?

Gluten free?


I have hashimotos. You need to look at doing an exclusion diet such as the AIP diets. This is quite strict to start and then you reintroduce foods and look for reactions. I did it and although hard at first has changed my symptoms completely. I was getting blurred vision and dizziness and almost unable to function ... so I was desperate .... complete exclusion diet for 6 weeks then reintroduction of foods. I found I was very sensitive to potatoe starch amongst other things. I no longer eat either dairy or gluten and avoid potatoe starch too. Difficult but like most things once you get used to it was fine. Most English consultations don't seem to realise it's so important to heal the gut first. I also have reintroduced broths to my diet.

Louise - many thanks for your reply. What did you start eating first? What do you live on now? What were your symptoms? Did you get bloated a lot too? xx

Hi it was a very long road for me as it is for others. I eventually found a doctor in the states who I Skyped, he's a functional endocrologist .... he believes the gut has a huge affect. So he put me on the exclusion diet .... then once stabilised (no dizziness or blurred vision or other symptoms) he asked what I would want added into my diet. I tried eggs first as that made a huge difference to my breakfast. Then tomatoes, then potatoes ....I thought chips would make a difference. He says you need to reintroduce enough for a reaction and.... so eat them at say 2 meals, one after another, and then wait 4 days for a reaction. Unrefined Sugar is a huge issue too. So fresh fruit rather than desserts.

What do I eat now! Generally meat or fish with veg and sweet potatoes. Limited number of eggs ...smoothies ...Broths and soups.

The diet is difficult especially for snack or take out food. So sandwiches etc are out.... you have to be better prepared but as my symptoms were so bad I'm happy to follow it. Pret A Manger is good for snacks. Plus I like coconut.

We have spent a lot of time looking at labelling as it's surprising what is in all sorts of food.

I lost 2 stone in weight over 3/4 months which was a huge issue for me as I've never been an overweight person before the thyroid issue. I feel younger and fitter than ever.

It's been worth it for me just very annoying the English consultants don't regard food or diet an issue with hashimotos.

Heal the gut first !

Can I ask who the Dr was you skyped? I am UK based and would love to do the same. Do you have any timetables or anything of the time you were eliminating food? I don't know where to start as I am reacting to everything and don't even know what's safe. Gluten is off the menu as is dairy but everything is making me react - does that sound odd? x

Also, how are you with grains? x

Louise - many thanks for your reply. What did you start eating first? What do you live on now? What were your symptoms? Did you get bloated a lot too? xx

Thyroiditis86, if you want to reply to someone, you have to click on the green 'reply' button, otherwise, she won't know you've replied. :)

Thyroiditis86, I'm so sorry. When you say "puffs" you up, do you mean an allerigic reaction or do you mean swelling, like fluid retention?

How do you respond to raw foods? Uncooked vegetables, low glycemic fruits?

Allergic reaction around the bottom of the face and fluid retention around the top. How about you? Raw foods - used to be great but now, I react to literally everything. Does that make me sound mad? Don't know where to start! x

No I haven't had that type of reaction. And you've been to an allergist? Rheumatologist? I have particular swelling, a hardened tissue, but I have an elevated creatine kinase and the swelling is in the thighs, right calf and right foot. Some orbital swelling but it's subsided. You're certain this is thyroid related swelling?

Are there any foods that do not trigger such a reaction? How long does the swelling last usually? I'm not savvy in this at all, but I will certainly keep my eye open for any research or word on this. I dearly empathize with you.

TappedOut, you are so very kind. I am living through hell at the moment. Having aspergers as well it is very hard to communicate with professionals. I have no family and the board here has been very helpful to me.

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