Hemp protein and Hashimotos?

I'm very careful with my diet since diagnosis and now avoid gluten & grains. But a friend has messaged me to lady suggesting Hemp protein as it's on offer in Aldi. Is Hemp safe to take with Hashimotos as I can't find any information on this? Also while I'm asking I've bought some superfood powder recently too is this ok?

Where I can I want to include as many nutrients as possible into my diet so it is healthy and balanced

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MissFG i am not sure regarding the hemp, i only recently found out my super healthy, nutrient bursting diet had 2 items i should have been avoiding linseed/flax seeds and chia seeds! i eat a mainy low carb paleo diet, gluten free etc.

Apparently linseeds and chia are highly estrogenic even a tspn a day!! and i am estrogen dominant, its a minefield so if in doubt dont. Hemp is a seed not a grain so on balance it should be ok, excellent omega 3&6's and high ratio of protein.

I love the super powders but be careful not to take near thyroid meds as usually high in iron. Same goes for wheatgrass & especially spirulina.

It would be nice to have some definitive lists as i start to feel dust will be the only thing left for me to eat :) I do get bored of checking absolutely everything and for every bit of research there is another that disputes it xx

Crikey I didn't know about chia seeds. Just goes to show that some foods deemed as healthy aren't always good for us with autoimmune diseases :/

likewise i didnt know and i like chai and linseed, both great for omegas...its a minefield a lady on the hormone balancing page told me her estrogen more than doubled in few weeks adding just a tspn...all i seem to do is remove stuff from my food list!

Tbh I try to stick to a basic keto diet and it helps me especially with reducing inflammation as my CK keeps increasing and I want to avoid steroids. But it just gets basic and boring


Thought the above might interest you à propos flax seeds. And, presumably, the same applies to chia. :)

i am deff back to linseeds then. I was advised by the hormone balancing group who follow all this stuff to avoid at all costs. This is the problem with most reports, there is always conflicting info. With adrenal, hormonal and thyroid stuff for every certainty there is the opposite view.

Thanks for posting that :)

You're welcome. :)

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