Test results!!

Test results!!

Hi All, I have thyroid tests conducted via medichecks in March 2017 and I was advised my thyroid was within the 'normal' range despite debilitating symptoms! I think I made the mistake of having the test conducted at 3.30pm after eating breakfast and lunch. After reading comments on this forum I realised I should have had the test first thing in the morning :( After receiving my results I consulted my GP who again was extremely dismissive and told me I'm suffering from anxiety and not hypothyroidism. Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane when trying to convince them that I'm really struggling with every day life. Anyway, please take a look at the results and let me know your thoughts. I have just ordered a more thorough test from medichecks including reverse T3 and I'm going to have blood taken in the morning. Hopefully this time round I will have some answers!!

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  • In some other countries people are diagnosed when their TSH reaches 3. You have realised your mistake in having test p.m. and not the earliest a.m. and fasting.

    This is from TUK:


  • Yup early morning, fasting and if you take biotin or b bits or multivitamins stop them 2-3 days before as they can give false low TSH and false high Ft3 and ft4.

    Good luck :)

  • Definitely get retested. When I was diagnosed my TSH was 4.8. I had had a test done for various things at the hospital a week or so prior but later in the day and not fasting, and my TSH was about 2.6 - so seems like in can cause quite a significant variation.

  • Will the next test check for thyroid antibodies?

  • Yes! The next test will include the antibody test too!!

    Thank you for all of your replies x

  • I ve just had the same experience although I complicated mine even further with St. John's wort will be ordering test again too . I wish they'd made this clearer !!!

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