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Grateful to you all

Many thanks to all of your replys. I am so grateful to you all. Thankfully i have a good G P . Today I had notification to see a endocrinologist although it is not until October. Now I am more knowledgeable thanks to you all about blood tests etc . My daily life ... Well my memory and concentration are so slow it's frightening. I realise it's only early days 7 weeks now on meds but just getting out of bed is hard work. But this depression is awful. It is so comforting though to come on this site and realize I am not alone . Thank you all

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I'm right there with you at 7 weeks on Levo and still feeling rough but more hopeful from reading help and advice on here. Tried to visit a big antique centre today that me and the other half enjoy when he is on holiday but knees ached, hips ached, back was killing me and my legs just got so tired they felt like lead. We had to stop often for me to sit down, I felt more like a 70 something years old than my 50 something. Changed from Teva to Activis brand Levo yesterday in the hope that the joint aches and pains might improve.

Good luck with your Endo visit in October, mine should be sometime around there too.


Hi there do keep posting AngieAsh it's a big relief to know we are going through the same challenges. I have just gone sixty and can sympathize with all of your symptoms. The lack of energy can really bring you down all i seem to say these days is ' I am so tired' sometimes I feel so spaced out. But now we are getting the meds it can only get better. I have been invited to a 40th birthday party this weekend and I am determined to go i might need to ... No will have to have a sleep in the afternoon . I am willing myself to stay positive. I am using the mantra of my late husband 'POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE ' although most days i feel more mental. Right that said i need to get my ever fatter bottom..... Seems to grow daily..... off this chair.

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