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Hi, 2 sets of bloods 3 months apart. No luck with endo. Any advice welcome. Thanks

Hi, I managed to find my blood test results and am wondering how to deal with my endo who just keeps telling me I'm ok and there's nothing to worry about.


Free T4 14

TSH 1.30


TSH Abs Normal


Free T4 16.7

TSH 2.40


TTSH Abs 0.70

I have every symptom in the book and I'm getting nowhere regarding any sort of medication. I'm on a very strict diet as I have heard that can contribute to hypothyroidism.

Any sort of advice welcome I just want to feel better. It's driving me crazy.

Thanks for the advice.

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Hello Kira, you don't give any laboratory ranges, would you be able to add them as they do vary from lab to lab. It looks like your antibodies are over range but without the lab ranges I can't say for certain. If they are then you have autoimmune thyroid disease so please add the ranges. They are the numbers in brackets after your results.

If you've had blood tests for vitamin levels then please post those too.


Oh, sorry I forgot to add that I have gotier on both sides of my neck but it is significantly larger on the right side.


Thanks for your reply.

Lab ranges are as follows:

Free t4 0.8-1.8 iu/ml

TPO anti less than 20 iu/ml

Tsh 1-1.5 iu/ml

Tsh abs less than 35 iu/ml

I don't have any other results. These are the only results that have been done.


Kira, if you are replying to someone, you need to click on the green 'reply' button. Otherwise, they won't know you've replied.

Your TPO antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroiditis - aka Hashi's. But, doctors know nothing about it, so will probably ignore it. All they know is, there's no cure - so, hey! Why bother!

But, there are things you could do for yourself, like adopt a 100% gluten-free diet, and take selenium, to lower the antibodies.

As doctors know so little about thyroid, in general, all they're really interested in is the TSH. And, yours is low in range, at the moment. But will more than likely rise, so keep an eye on it.

Are you sure that range is right for the FT4? Because that would make yours very, high!


Typo my auto-correct keeps doing that to me. Sorry it should read t4 range 9-20 iu/ml.

Do you think that my level at 16.7 is still high?

I'm on a gluten free diet and I'm taking selenium supplements.

Thanks for your help.


Not very high, no. It's in a good place. But, it would be a good idea to get your FT3 tested, because you don't have the full picture without it.


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