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No tpo antibodies test

Hello i have just had a call from my doctors who have just informed me that TPO is not necessary to test for so they have just done theTGAB but results not back yet. i am sure i need both otherwise they could be missing something. Im really fed up with medical professionals already.x

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Both would be useful, but if TG Abs come back positive then that's a start! I thought the NHS rarely did TPO and almost never did TG, so that's quite a surprise!

Why not just do a Blue Horizon or Medichecks test. It will be so much quicker and a lot less hassle.


Hello are both necessary then? I thought they were for graves and hashi's, as your message came through i was just sending same post to nanaedake. I feel it is a constant battle.



TPOab and Tgab are for Hashimoto's.

TRab or TSI are for Graves. Not sure that primary care can check those. I think they are usually done in endocrinology.


Im so confused at the moment on what i should be asking for. If i was to get it done privately what would be the antibodies they test for .



If you want Graves tested then Thyroid Receptor antibodies or Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin. You will have to contact Blue Horizon, Medichecks or Genova to see whether they can arrange them as I've not seen them offered on their thyroid packages.

What's so urgent? If you wait until you see an endocrinologist you can ask for it to be done then. Having Graves confirmed won't change your treatment for hyperthyroidism.

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Sorry i thought if i had graves or hashis rhen treatment would differ, i just dont want docs fobbing me off cos i am new to this. Hospital have done bloods for tgab. Hashis.☺



There is no cure for autoimmune disease so your treatment won't differ whether you are confirmed to have Hashimoto's or Graves or both.





Ok i did not know that . Proves im still a beginner, so if i did have graves then treatment still the same with carbi unless i go hyper. I will read the links thankyou



Surely you've been prescribed Carbimazole because you are already hyperthyroid?

If you are hyperthyroid you are treated with Carbimazole irrespective of having Graves &/or Hashimoto's.

12-18 months after starting Carbimazole you may be able to wean off and try for remission. Remission is considered to have failed if it fails within 12 months of stopping Carbimazole. Confirmed Graves patients' remission failure rate is >50%.

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Yes been on low dose of carbi for 12 days now 20mgs one a day. I see endoc october. I did think if you are graves or hashi then treatment would be different, so im hyper its only if i go hypo they change the meds? I understand now.



If you go hypo while you are taking Carbimazole you are overmedicated and need a dose reduction.


I am going to get a blood test in a couple of weeks. But woyld there be any chance of me being hpyo now after 10 days of carbi? How would i know though.



20mg is a low dose so I should think it is unlikely. Your symptoms would change if you were overmedicated.




Best to get your results first and then you can clarify with the doctor what has been tested and what it means. Has the GP surgery told you when your results will be ready to view? You could book an appointment with the doctor for a date after the doc has had time to review the results.

In the meantime it sounds like you are coping a little better now which is good.


They said it could be a further 5 days but i will check everyday being i am off sick at moment. Yes i get my good and bad days.

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Sorry, forgot you were hyper. Not good with Abs for hyper.

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I have had tests which have been described as positive - in medical terms it means an abnormal result. If tests come back as positive it is a bad sign.

This has happened after having minor surgery for skin problems. The result came

back as positive. I thought all was well. However 6 years later I was diagnosed with melanoma which is serious. Many deaths occur every year from this type of skin cancer. How did I find out about my cancer? I had a mole test at my local surgery as

doctors did not recognise the symptoms. The dermatologist recommended me to go to

the doctor who half heartedly sent me to a screening centre at local hospital unit. They took a scan. Within days I had an op to remove it. About four inches of tissue was removed round the lesion. It did not work. I had to go back for another 4 inches to be taken out round the midline of the scar.

Good job I am plump!

Like your info.


Hello sorry to hear that you had melanoma that must havel been a horrible emotional time for you and your family, my dad had 4 skin cancers on his face due to working outside as a gardener, and my mum had had a very rare form of womb cancer- not a nice time. Hope you are in remission now and continue to do so.

I am waiting for antibodies for tgab no tpo done but will need to get tsi done for graves. But i am confused that if one comes back abnormal that means graves or hashis right? I thought these tests were specifically for thyroids? So sorry fi am sounding really ignorant.help.🌼

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Hi Michelle- we are in the same boat - endocrineweb.com gives

information on the different tests. The name tgab is synonymous with tpo.

Graves disease basically is hyperactive thyoid with symptoms of breathlessness anxiety, and palpitations. T3 T4 And TBG thyroid binding

globulin tests give levels of hormones to indicate hyperactive thyroid.

You will get a prescription to slow your thyroid activity down.

If you are hypothyroid TSH stimulating thyroid hormone produced by the

pituitary gland test plus T4 and T4 FREE tests are indicated.

The Tgab test shows the level of misdirected immunity with production of antibodies that act against the tissue of ones own body in the thyroid gland. Thanks for you empathy. Thinking POSITIVE is the only way to cope. Hope for the best prepare for the worst as the old saying goes.

Expect you will feel better soon. The TGAB test may show Hashimotos -

you have a good service to get this test.


Thankyou i am on carbi 20mgs, its the breathlessness is what i hate the most. My husband as got me some solgar gentle iron 20mgs as ferritin bottom of the range. I have taken one already. Feel abit down at the moment as off work, used to be so full of energy and always out. Just said to my hubby i want my old life back.xx

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Have you got anaemia to be taking the iron? If you take it with vitamin C it helps the absorption.

There might be iron and vitamin c as a tablet over the counter. You could ask your pharmacist to recommend you a tonic, but don't take anything which is aspirin based.

If you take too much iron, it can harm you. So best to check how long to take the iron for.

If you have other gynaecological problems, the iron problem might be linked to this.

May be you have premenopausal symptoms.? The endocrine system affects female hormones.

I had a hysterectomy and afterwards developed hyperthyroidism. I was in my early thirties

Have to say the op was a life saver. One thing at a time. The hormone system is complex.

Thyrotoxicosis can occur after a sudden shock or emotional problems due to some life changing

event.. You are lucky you have a supportive family who understand the lows which are related to

your thyroid. Once you feel better on the treatment your mood will improve.

Take care - you are doing well. If you look at other posts from folk who have been treated

with the same drug, you can get a good idea of how people have improved.xx


Sorry get so confused with all this stuff. I am taking solgars 20mgs gentle iron as given advice by other lovely people on here that my ferritin levels are very bottom of range and they would need lifting to around 70 to 100. Also said that folate is a little low.

Ferritin 24 lab range 20 to 200.00

Serum folate 5.9 lab range 3.00 to 20.00

Vit b12 608.00 lab range180 to 640.

Thought i was doing the right thing but if you think different please say. I find iron tablets very confusing as if your ferritin is very low and needs raising would that not raise b 12 and folate if they didnt need raising its so confusing!! 😨

Still not feeling good at moment in fact feel worse. No palps but breathless still and panicky and tired out because not sleeping. I want to see that light at the end of the tunnel. Im still waiting on thyroid antibodies 10 days later, i did ring docs but not back. Just wondering if i am now hypo instead, i dont know if carbi dose not enough or to high. I am going to docs on monday. I will be due a blood test in 2 weeks. Thankyou.x


Think you should ring the doctor and make an appointment as anaemia can be another cause of breathlessness. You should have a blood test on the nhs to see if you are anaemic. Sometimes you might be just near normal but feel exceptionally tired. If you have a nurse appointment might be better. The doctor might be busy with urgent cases, so if the nurse takes the blood and sends it off, you will get a feedback and be able to make an appointment with the doctor when the blood tests are back.

The sleep problem is something you can ask the doctor about.

Thyrotoxicosis /hypethyroid is linked to insomnia, restlessness and panic sensations.

It is also linked to depression (-Hormonal).

It is up to the doctor whether they will prescribe something to get to sleep.

I have a sleep disorder, which has been helped by sleeping tablets. You get your life back when you have enough sleep. The iron supplements may cause constipation which will make you feel yuk! Sometimes you might get a slow release iron supplement with vitamins c prescription. Most areas have cuts so

will just give iron on its own. It's up to the doctor to help you not anyone else.

I know the emphasis on natural remedies is very important to this website and it does have benefits, but conventional medicine should be able to help with sleep and anaemia. In women the cause of anaemia is more obvious.

Hope you can find a sympathetic doctor who will give you the confidence

to understand treatments and let you ask questions. If you are not eating this won't help. Another sign of nervous tension is teeth grinding.

I have to wear a gum guard if things are a bit tense as the dentist can see if I have been grinding my teeth. Highly romantic putting in a gum guard before you go to sleep!

Think you have never had to visit the doctor's regularly before and this

is worrying for you.


You are right ive never had anything like this before and i especially find the breathlessness scary, sorry i am very confused regards to being anaemic has i thought when they took my ferritin and folate and b12 etc these were my irons? So being my ferritin was very low end i decided to supplement it because was told on anaemia uk site that i woyld need to supplement to make it up aswell has great advice from people on this site . I know its shocking that i dont understand.ha. but is there a seperate blood test for this. just want to say big thanks to you for giving me all of your kind advice.xx


When your results came back recently from the hospital you indicated other folk had said your folates and ferritin levels were down. Folates are known as folic acid but folates come from foods

rather than from being processed. You don't have to be sorry about anything - you are learning so much from this site.

What you can do is take the read out for your folates and ferriin to

the nurse. Explain how exhausted you are, and ask her to interpret the level as you are feeling exhausted, and think you might be anaemic. She will say yes or and refer you back to the doctor who might re read your folate and ferritin levels to say if you are anaemic.

You can ask the nurse if you can have something to help your sleep as now the carbinmazole has helped the palps. She will refer you back to the doctor. If the nurse says you need a retest she can do another test. If not she can refer the resutts back to the doctor after she has looked at them.

Alternatively go straight back to your doctor to explain you are exhausted could he explain if your tests results show you have anaemia. Secondly your sleep is so poor you are not getting enough.

He might then prescribe folic acid and an iron preparation. You could ask for a slow release one, as you tend to feel worse with ion all at once. ie sick or constipated which happems to a lot of people.

Did you say you had a great nurse at your GPs\? That should help if you go back to her.

Its a combination of things which might be making you worse. Think of 12 days without sleep - that's a long time.

Breathlessness might be due to the thyroid. It might be due to an asthma response, or an allergic asthma response. It could also be due to anaemia or a combination. If you have an air metter flow peak

test, you might only be able to get to a low number when you inhale and then blow into pressure unit. The peak flow indicator tests your lung. If you wake uo in the early hours of the morning at 4 or 5am with breathing trouble this might be asthma. You have to fill in a chart with your blow peak pressure unit which shows your results over a week or so. Low readings in the morning which resolve later on might be classed as asthama.

If you have house dust mite it can give you allergic asthma. The

mites are in carpets and need thorough cleaning under the bed.

Steaming under the bed kills them off. However your peak flow indicator will show if you have asthma or not.

Take care - you need some help with all this.


Thankyou i have doctors on monday our nurse does never has appoinrments left. Sorry to go on so all the time, i am taking solgars gentle iron 20mgs but trying to make up folates with food. I do use an inhalers but doctors started me on theze back in early may as they suspected asthma? I continue to use them but they offer no relief.the breathing issues are with me all day and stops me from sleeping, i cannot lay down flat and ufvi do manage to nodd off i wake up with a jerk and cant breath. I have had various xrays done that show nothing so my lungs are clear. Hospital have lost my antibodies results from when taken to a and e 10 days ago, so i will be requesting these again.

I have a 11 year old daughter who is starting secondary school on tuesday andvthe last thing i want is for her to worry over me because her mum is poorly. I have a good husband that works all day and i know he is tired out aswell i just want to be well and go back to how i used to be full of energy and always out with my family. I surpose its really early days though 12 days on carbimazole.

I have never had to go to docs all the time only for the minor things that get sorted. Thankyou gadgrantg and on monday i am hopefully going to try and get things a little sorted but endoc is a long way off. X


There are different causes for breathlessness.

partial blockage of the windpipe or larynx.

pneumonia, severe anaemia ,kidney failure

anxiety with hyperventilation, heart valve and heart problems such as pulmonary artery or fluid in the lungs.

If you have had your chest and lungs tested with a stethoscope any problems might have appeared.

Have you had any tests for heart function? Have you a history of heart disease in your family?

Most heart problems can be treated .

Did you ever smoke?Do You drink alcohol?

Think you must go back to the doctor - and describe these symptoms especially when resting or lying down.

If you have fluid retention, around your middle ankle swelling and your lips go blue in cold weather or from time to time, or your cheeks go blue in cold weather

then this can be a sign of heart problems. If you get breathless on exertion, lifting or pushing this can be another cause. When you go to the doctor, you might ask about the ultrasound test for your thyroid.

This will rule out one cause of breathlessness.

As your blood tests were low in folates and ferritin, then

you may have a type of anaemia which must be diagnosed accurately.

Do you sleep on your side? As your heart is on the left side if you sleep on the right side this might give relief.

If you are overweight this might affect you.

Think you are only a size 14, but you were size 8 before the kids arrived?

Hope you have a chance to chat to the doctor about the

ultrasound and have your heart and lungs checked by stethoscope. You have to mention your symptoms several times before the doctor takes any notice.

If it were me I would want EEG tests and heart function.

I would also want asthma tests with peak flow meter.

If you have shallow breathing, you might not have sufficient oxygen in the lungs. Take care.xx


Hello thankyou for your advice i have taken it on board. I have had ecg on 2 occassions for heart and that was normal both times Chest xrays normal, i was due to have spirometry tests for asthma but peak flow was 450 and 2 doctors has said its not asthma because a woman of 47 thats good. I have had bariumn swallow done 1 month ago which was clear. Due to have endoscopy but they said come in when you are feeling more better with your thyroid, that im having done because of being cealiac on 2 blood tests. I have been checked by docs with stethscope on heart and lung, i have seen ent twice and said everything fine in there apart from a little acid reflux scaring. I tend to sleep upright at moment with head back a little. I am going to ask doctor monday fir ultrasound on my neck, this morning ny neck is swollen at the front and sides where thyroid is, my daughter noticed it when i put my head back. It feels very achey and heavy today. Doc did say thyroid feels swollen and lumpy.

I am a size 12 now but yes i was a tiny little size 8 before my daughter came along.and my dad died of icheamic heart discease when he was 78. Oh and ive never smoked and maybe have a glass of wine at xmas time. Thankyou i have written down what im going to ask for at docs.x

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Forgot to say i have got a appointment on monday at 2pm.


It was a shame the pharmacist did not give you a patient information leaflet and put it

in abox with no indication of the name of the drug or manufacturer.

If you had had the leaflet you would have seen the side effects and reported them immediately to your doctor. This is remiss of the pharmacist as you had no information.

Think the pharmacist should be contacted to tell them they are breaking the law just sticking a pink tablet in a box and letting yuour guess. Everyone is being fobbed off if they don't get info leaflets.


Coeliac is called gluten sprue - it's where the small intestine attacks itself - another autoimmune disease. They recommend you have a gluten free diet if this is diagnosed. Are you on gluten free?

Do you avoid barley rye and wheat in diet and in drinks? If so that is a gluten free diet.

Think if you have intestinal problems you might have vitamin b deficiency with anaemia. Hope you get some answers as this seems to be taking a long time to diagnose.

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Hello im waiting to have the endoscopyfor stomach biopsy result which is the final confirmation so i have to still eat gluten at moment. I maybe not understanding but my b12 was top of the range but folate slightly low. Ferritin taking supplements at moment.as very bottom range Is there a different test for aeamia? Just feel abit neglected with everything as hospital lost my antibody tests and been put on carbi till see endoc in october.


ps had a reaction with medication and took antihistamine pyriton advised by doctor my neck and arms swelled up. Have you any chemists open until 6 or 5.30


An administrator mentioned that if you take an antihistamine an hour before you take your meds, this will help protect you against histamine response to them.

Sorry if I seem to be a bit hyper but this is my gut instinct working!


Thankyou gadgrantg but im not sure i can take piriton. But my neck was swollen before i took carbi. Are you sure this is fir me cois there is a lady on the new pists wirh a swollen neck aswell?she took a picture if her neck just seems coincidence!☺

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Has it got worse since you took the drug? Were you unable to breathe all day and waking up in the night before you went into hospital? If the swelling and breathing is worse, may be you should look on NHS online chat? Someone will be able to help you with the symptoms and find out about the drug you are taking and its side effects. If it is the same you are probably right and will see your doctor on Monday. It must be uncomfortable with the swelling, and probably why your breathing has been affected.

I am talking about a personal experience of taking a drug which made my hands and throat swell. If the drug has this known side effect eg the lady's photo of her neck, it stands to reason that you should find out if you should take an antihistamine before taking the drug as advised by an administrator.

I found out that NHS has a chat line whilst looking up NHS24

bet it's closed after 5pm but you could check to find out if it is 24hrs.

It's confidential.


Funny enough im just thinking about things now. Breathing was there before i took carbi but after started taking it im sure it made my breathing worse as i could feel swellingbin my nose and my neck more, and also in my mouth whilst eating i felt things were not going down so easily but could i be imagining it. Im notbsure i can take antihistamines? But what can i do if i cant take it.thankyou i am going to have a good think about this and how i felt to run upto taking it etc.xx


Yep think on it. If you think it has grown bigger since taking the drug you could ask the doctor if it's a side effect of the drug, and ask what you should do.

Antihistamines usually work. I take one antihistamine very day for rhinitis, my rhino nose is drippy and swollen without it! Ha! Ha! If I have a sting or allergy I take a pyriton as well as it seems to help.

I am sure many people's lives could be saved could be saved in hospital, as tests take a long time, and allergy may not be recognised. Nut allergy is common - but also some herbs, or anything. There was a case in the news, where someone died as a result of nut allergy. The restauranteur did not mention nuts in the food served.

However there are many allergens which can affect people. Everyone is different.

The restauranteur got a gaol sentence. I think the NHS should have given an antihistamine when the person was admitted! Have fun - hope you will feel better

on medication.

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Thankyou for your help i think it is the carbi. I will keep thinking over tonight. I think it had got worse. You have been a massive help and feel quite emotional that a stranger can help so much in trying to help me when they have problems themselves. God bless.xxx👼


Strangers are often better to talk to as no one wants to upset their family or friends - you have helped me as well as I can see that you have a comprehensive tests and follow ups, which are not the same in some practices. You are also so keen to learn what is going on, that you feel knocked down when you ask questions. That is the penalty of an enquiring mind! Keep asking questions.


Yes, i think knowledge is power and yes do feel knocked down as i feel it has robbed me of quality of life but i will keep fighting and if i get knocked down i will try again.i have my moments when i feel sad and have a good cry. But mostly i will get better but like you daid its a long hard fight. I will kerp you updated and i hope you dont mind me posting you. And once again thankyou. 🌻


love your posts - you are real and not afraid to say how you feel. That makes everyone feel human too!


Knowing you are practical and want to know about the drug you are taking, can you look at your info drug leaflet and check for red iron oxide in the ingredients as some people may have an allergy to this increasing respiratory problems. Carbenizole 20 may have this in it. If you look for distributor Summer Healthcare Accrington - it may have the red iron oxide. The red dye is an allergen and so is the oxide which can be made from rust!

Breathlessness is a feature of an allergy to this.

Another brand which looks ok is Concordia distributed in the uk through Europe.

There are side effects of carbenizole itself with selling of the lymph nodes in your neck which might be a sign of extra swelling and exhaustion .

muscle weakness dizzy nausea . Have read some posts saying that people have had problems and had their dose reduced to 5 mg tablets in several doses which can be altered by the GP. Suggest you look for another brand without red oxide colourant a white tablet - or the Concordia pale pink. Take care. Think if lymph nodes are bigger

or tender this might be a side effect of the drug you are on. There are other makes and types of thyroid

drugs 13 odine max methizamole iodine potassium

potassium iodide and propythioracil which has bad side effects and should be avoided. Byee!


I will look later thankyou.xx

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Just looked at side effects of taking carbimazole - if you have swelling you could be advised by your doctor to take antihistamine. Think you should take pyriton if you have some, or phone up nhs 24 for advice. I know that if you have swelling round the neck with stings, antihistamine is recommended to take the swelling down. |You can get pyriton in larger tescos with pharmacies, or premier shops some do it. Other wise your minor injuries unit should help.

Wrapping a cold water tea towel round your neck might reduce swelling.

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Hello there i have had a look at carbi they came in a plain white box with no indication of company brand? alsi looked fir patient info but i dont recall having one. None the wiser apart from small abd pink. I have doc calling at 2pm ish i am going to ask for thyroid antivodies to be done again being hospital has lost them and also full thyroid function tests, last tested 4vweeks ago.


By law pharmacies have to put the leaflet on info in with prescription.

Losing your test results happens in this area..they can't find them..

or the test is wrong! What's the matter with the labs? They take longer than

three weeks to come back - then they lose them then they are incorrect..

It's dreadful!


I am asking for them again docs at 4pm , i wrote a new post as doc does not know what thyroid antibodies are????? I am going to tell him!!!

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gargrantg is quite right - it is your absolute right to a Patient Information Leaflet. What is more, a copy every single time you get a product dispensed to you.

I also consider it essential that you are informed of the batch number and expiry date. What would you do if you saw a medicine recall of Carbimazole and you only have a white box and no other information?


Thankyou hevella.i thought it was strange blank box. I will be more on the ball.x

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Stand at the counter, open your bag (I assume that as most pharmacies use them), check the box, the date, the PIL, the batch number. If they ask what you are doing, just smile and say something like "Checking."

If anything is out of order, say so before moving even an inch away.

Just adding...

Obviously you don't want to get in the way of anyone else, but take the time you need to do this. If you were picking up a medicine for someone else (e.g. family member), you would have a duty to do this on their behalf. Just because it is for you is not a reason not to bother.


That is excellent advice hevella and i will be doing exactly what you have said. X

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If you read the ingredients in your patients's leaflets

might be able to detect iif it is Concordia made.

as it is pale pink. If you look up Concordia with your

prescription, looking through drug.com you mght find the patient information leaflet from the us, or Europe might not have a description of the drug or any information

as to manufacture. This happened when I went of drug.com which gives each drug and you can download the patient information leafliet. If you type in information for crbimazole and look on drug.co then compare it with medicine;org which is the uk a to z of drugs you might find the leaflets different.


Thank you for the info on Teva (medicine.org.) I looked on drugs.com which is probably US. When I checked the patients

leaflet I could not find a description of the tablet made by mercury now Concordia. I will follow your links as you have experience of UK drugs.


Hi gadgrantg thankyou for info. My mum was very interested to know about your fleatrap, did yoy get yours off amazon by any chance 12.99. Did you catch any fleas in there? I think there is also another method of filling a plate with warm water and adding a bit of washing up liquid and the placing a overhead desk lamp so the light is shining in the middle.x


The flea trap works brilliantly but as mentioned we had trouble with the bulb and fuse on ours. Mine came from STV under the name fruugo.

We have fifty fleas at least after a few days. I found the steaming keeps them down. Today is the first day I haven't been bitten. Bob martins tablets for cats are sold in Wilko's. They do work - the fleas die within several minutes but they start jumping ship and then land on hot spots ie my legs and arms. I bought an electronic brush which the fleas don't like, and have combed and brushed loads of dead fleas from the hair. I did give the cat a bath

in a washing up bowl in the sink. The water is warm and if you are sure the cat's under carriage

and body is under water and the cat is standing

comfortably with a rinse of the top and body with

mugs of warm water the fleas seem to wash away.

The hard spots are under the chin and top of the head. Some flea drops make my cat ill.

We have lino on the floors and can steam under the beds. Carpets may hold the fleas but are killed with steam cleaner. The Brush came from pet planet online. You will have to check if the flea trap

has accessories such as flea papers and bulbs.

Ours is imported and we tried a 15 wat bulb which is ok as long as it's not on for 24hrs. We just

turn the trap off after a few hours so the bulb doesn't overheat. I use a shampoo from B & M which has special natural oils so the fur doesn't go dry. We found our flea bulb from a motor accessory shop. It should have been 7wats.

B & Q do 15 wat bulbs.


Yes my mum is very keen to have one of these and i am going to order one of the net for her, ive looked at the demos on youtube and very impressed. Mum is having lino floor fitted all downstairs as it will be more clean than carpet. She currently has 6 cats indoors and four who live outside, alot isnt it!! I think she uses that spot on treatment from the vets, you put it on the back of cats neck but it is quite expensive and has some harsh side effects.


We have six cats too - the tablets are very good

I find gourmet tin food pate - is one way of concealing the tablet. I only put a small bit out with the tablet embedded out of sight. I have to make sure the cat does not look at what I'm doing opening tablets ..she instantly sniffs the food

and then eats it. Our adopted cat has long hair, so that's why the brush comes in so handy for those flea knots. I use a small one with no harsh spikes

but bobbles on the top of the brush or a pet brush from pet planet online which was £16.99.

The battery did not last so bought a Duracell one - cost 1.99 - it's an oblong one so should last

much longer. We have rugs on laminated floor and on lino. The lino is very good for cleaning.

Have saved loads of money from not going to the vets - the drops if licked can upset them - so like your mum prefer natural methods. I have antihisan cream on hand - which helps. Olive oil a teaspoon

under the food helps the skin and fur. Our puss broke her jaw was beaten up by an aggressive cat

but has taken weeks to put on weight - as she is old it has taken longer for the jaw to heal. Very pleased with the flea trap it draws the fleas from hiding particularly at night when it is cooler.

Take care.


Yes my mum loves cats and so do i but we live by a very busy road so not ideal for a lovely cat. Your poir lovely cat getting beat up by a big brute. I will post my results tomorrow if recent bloods. Xx


It is very easy to get misled by drugs.com as they try to be international.


Teva branded/manufactured levothyroxine is available in Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia - and that is just EU countries. At present I cannot tell how much they vary - or whether they are all the same. But there is obviously huge scope for mistakes.

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Thank you for this. I read an article titled

2015 - India looks to increase generic drugs to Africa. The article explained that India is a major exporter and the profits from copy generic drugs is a staggering £15 billion a year. That's why many companies import them as they are cheaper than

many drugs. However the article did say that drugs going to poorer countries may well be the ones that have failed quality control standards. They won't work, and may be toxic. I made another list of other than the 28 countries that belong to the Eurpean Council - these are Russia Turkey Ukraine Romania czechoslavakia azerbaijam belarrusse Serbia Norway Ireland herzogovenia Armenia Lithuania mosovo Montenegro malta lyxembourg jersey faroe islands Lichtenstein gibraltar Monaco apologies for spelling mistakes.

An article Comparison of Drug Approval |Process in USA By Nitram Kashyap Visbal Gupta and H V raghunandam from JSS College of Pharmacy

Mysore Karnataka India.said that drugs from the US do not have to comply with describing the tablet but European drugs have to.

As other countries joined to the EU through the European Council it must be difficult to detect which borders have been crossed and where the drugs are made as many drugs are repackaged and come from a licenced distributor. I am sure you know all this information inside out - I am just trying to learn about how companies brand their drugs and distribute them.

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Can't stop laughing!


Well i never!!! I did have to tell him what i needed but he did admit that he knew very very little about thyroid and carbimazole, i felt like saying no s--t sherlock!! I am having full blood count again and full function thyroid again just to see results while on carbi and also he can only request tpo antibodies the other has to be done by endoc. I didnt ask anything else has i might aswell asked the next patient next to me, they may have known more. He did say he will sign me off work for a further month as i probably wont feel much improvement yet.😨 i think i will wait till results come through at take it from there.x


still laughing - totally hysterical response from GP! We should get do it yourself kits

from the NHS a hacksaw and carvery implements and some left overs from B & Q for the

rust drugs - my grandson who is a regular visitor to the accident and emergency units had

superglue put on his chin to seal a wound - it was hell to get the stuff off!

Is this your usual GP? May be you should try a lady GP? Might get more sense from a woman

though we can't guarantee that.


Lol, yes its hideous isnt it. It does not inspire confidence, i will be changing doctor for my results. Superglue no way, cutbacks, wot next a pritstick.


I stupidly managed to achieve the same sort of nasty cut on my hand about a year apart. The first was stitched. Took quite a while to heal, and stitch removal was required which caused it to open up and ooze. The next was superglue - medical quality - and was fantastic. No removal required. Healed better. Far better all round.


Ive never heard of glue being used of cours e it wouldnt be bostick or anything like that as i know gadgrantg were having a joke about it and nhs cutbacks etc but if its better all round then its a bonus especially when stitches have to be put it and taken out, takes me back when my cat nearly had my eyeball out, very nasty deep cut in the corner of my eye and i can still remember the pain of stitches. Ouch.

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ha! ha! what about "pratstick"? Just been looking at some photos after I had blood taken

for a diabetes test. It's a horror story! I haven't been back for fear of bruises and infection.

I watched the same horror story with my dad as his skin was treated - the solution for cleansing

was put on, then the daft nurse stuck Elastoplast dressing on the damage and then took it off

causing excruciating pain. Even in hospital the service was no better - pain killers weren't given before treatment - and when they were they were given there was not enough time for them to work- this is the nhs not enough time to work things out causing misery.

|The superglue was good it sealed the wound, but there were no instructions given how to

remove it. The standards of clinical nursing are low. My dad was in the best hospital

in England but nurses and cleaners openly coughed at desks and when treating my dad.

He had hospital acquired pneumonia, and I caught it and had it for three years.

No masks were required, so everyone had to wash their hands with gel but could breathe

their germs in wards with fragile patients. How much would it cost to have paper masks?

Hospital wards were only cleaned in parts! Ha ! Ha! Privatisation means that only half a ward

neesd to be cleaned..the rest of the germs just disappear!

If you didn't laugh you would cry.


You are right there, good old nhs i noticed a difference when they admitted me last with everyone coughimg their guts up and thatvwas docs and nurses, whooping cough was rife, it would never happen in japan cos they all wear masks over there. You can reallt see a decline in our nhs service, its no wonder people google things and get diagnose and treat themseves!😨


Yep! It pays to stay away - whooping cough! Have the NHS ever heard of air filters

in surgeries and in waiting areas, to filter germs and allergens? No we go into a sweaty surgery with no ventilation with boiling radiators, and sit next to someone in the early stage of flu -

a secret surprise waiting in store for the trusting patient. Get well soon xx still laughing!


Yes i hate being ill its all fun, breathless. Muscle aches, emotional, palps, exhausted. Not bad eh. Trying to keep chin up. Nite nite.😴

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Think the other problem with the coeliac disease might be affecting with a non gluten free diet. If two tests show you have the coeliac problem, then may be as they are fussing about losing your tests and making errors, you should try

the gluten free diet. I went on to Chemistdirect website yesterday and they do

gluten free foo - quite a large range of products for you to beak at and cost out.

This might be signs of the drug you are taking. You have to wait until October before you see an endo -by that time you could have had the correct information to start the gluten free diet. You don't have to ask permission to do this, you can do it yourself and see if in a few weeks you feel better.

I amnot surprised at the attitude of the doctors who don't know much about thyroid disease - seeing it is one of the main

causes of obesity - think they should pull their socks up and use their brains instead of blaming people

for having hormone related obesity! People lose all hope without assessment of their hormone levels. May be you should ask administrators to help you with these symptoms? Woke up with heavy rain. Hence the early e mail.


Yes did think about going glutenfree very soon but cant have biopsy at the moment due to thyroid probs. But i know i am celiac so 2 bloods cant be wrong. Asda and morrisons to a wide ranfe of food at a reasonable price, so no need to go without; only discussing this with my hubby last night. My daughter started secondary school today and aloi started her very 1st ever period, so she very upset and upset me; mother nature is so cruel; she is very emotional.😢 she will be 12 october. Yes its still pouring down here aswell. Nit a great day.☔


OH help! My grand daughter started secondary school this morning.

It was belting with rain. We have a tricky road to cross so was upset I did not wake up in time to see her cross the road. However her mum was not working and helped her across the road where her pals were waiting. That must have been unpleasant for your grand daughter

and I do hope you all feel on an even keel today. I have a breadmaker so I could make gluten free bread with yeast and gluten free flour. You can even make it with gluten free flour and baking powder. I mix mine with milk, so it's more nourishing. I have a Morphy Richards bread maker, as I bought a cheap one and I couldn't get the bread out..the result was lots of bread sauce with chicken! Things to take for cramps are magnesium, calcium in milk

peas magnesium - and tonic water with quinine in it. Also banana,

At night if I stretch my legs, I end up screaming with cramp help - so my husband gives me a banana and some tonic water - it goes within a few minutes. I have IBS but not why get cramp or my husband does. You are lucky to live near Asda and Morrisons.xx


Yes we have everything around us, shops, doctors dentists, little train station around the corner, chemists, bus stops as i dont drive as i would be a complete nightmare on the roads. I can give or take bread, but must admit fresh homemade bread is lovely with some best butter on!! i am not much of a cook that is my husband's job as he finds it relaxing coming in from work. I am gking to get my bloods done tomortow at hospital has i am relaxing today as i can really tell .when ive done too much as i am really exhausted. Its hard adjusting to being quite boring and doing nothing when i was so energetic and going out for days befire but doctor did say rest and rest.


It will take weeks to get to the stage of having a biopsy. you have to be referred for an ultrasound or RIA which is not common in the UK.

After the ultrasound it will take several weeks to get a referral for a biopsy. The junior surgeon may have a difficult accent to understand - I was told I had two different areas of enlargement, but no mention of a diffuse goiter which is not usually cancer but can be due to being mountainous regions with iodine deficiency.

I was frightened by the junior assistant not giving any information

or why I needed a biopsy when my results were just below normal, so five years on I am still here. I am not convinced what tests I had done - may be just the basics. Having had heavy handed blood tests

with bruising - I would only like an expert taking a biopsy!


Hello i meant biopsy has to be done via endoscopy for celuac apparently it is the last confirmation test for cealuac after having bloods confirmed had to wait 3 weeks last time but had to cancel cos so poorly with thyroid. You probably thought fir thyroid? The doc said endoc will want to do ultrasound on neck and other tests, my app is 3rd oct will they do ultrasound then?


don't know but it is likely. In my area they do

the ultrasound and then might say you need a biopsy

but it's all to do with the results of the ultrasound.

If it is blocking the windpipe, then you might have to have surgery. This would of course help the breathlessness.

You can't see behind the windpipe by manual examination so you have to have screening by

computer, linked ultrasound or other methods.

It seems may be the front of your windpipe is being

blocked by swelling and growth. If you have difficulty in breathing or swallowing then you should go to the

top of the list for an op.

If there is no difficulty with swallowing then it is unlikely

they will operate.

I think you are right - about the mix up about the

coeliac biopsy. As you know if two tests are conclusive then you may be advised to start your gluten withdrawal in the diet as soon as possible. However if the swelling

is near the windpipe then the gluten free diet won't make much difference to the breathlessness. Hope your daughter had a good first day at school.

Take care.


Yes she had a good day. But im sure mine is on the windpipe im positive of this, when i was tajen to hospital a few weeks ago they sent the ent specialist to do a larynoscopy he had a look down my nose and into my throat andcsaid nothing on my windpipe but i thought he would not be able to see my thyroid. they woyld not do a ultrasound. Do you think it would be worth going private for a ultrasound, i also have had problens swallowing. Or go back to docs


You were admitted over the weekend and discharged before other staff such as endo

was there. If he stuck a camera up your nose or down your throat he might not see the growth on windpipe. It's all fiction until you ask what is being done as you don't know what tests are on October 3rd. This is your dilemma - the drug is recommended for up to eighteen months and you don't know if the drug will shrink the growth.

Your doctor knows little about pressure symptoms around the larynx.

You could go back and ask another doctor for

an ultra sound as it was mentioned on your consultation with GP as a possibility. The difference this time that a month later you feel the pressure symptoms are affecting swallowing and breathing and are worse. Say you are not at all happy that breathing and swallowing, around windpipe due to pressure symptoms cannot be clearly diagnosed unless you have an ultrasound. Think administrators who have had

personal experience or other folk should give info

about when they has the test. !8 is a long time to see if the breathing will improve!

Did you say you had a diabetes test? As mentioned the ultrasound is anon invasive test, which is painless.


I did have diabetes test all clear.yes l was admitted over the weekend so they sent ent doc but i was not confident back then and he knew i was not happy to be sent home then. Im going to be honest and say this really does scare me and last night had a major panic attack as breathing had not been good for last couple of days. It took a good half hour of calming me down and breathing through the nose, i did fall asleep eventually as i was shattered. 😢


I dont' know what will happen on your appointment

but it will usually have a department or ward to be

referred to but they do take things gently. They won't do anything in a hurry if you are not up to it.

-Rome was not built in a day! Mouth breathing is ok if you have a cold, and your inhalant should help a bit. Just rest till your appointment as the doctor says - and take it your stride.

If you have panic attacks then may be the doctor can prescribe something for them. It won't do any harm and may help your muscles and nerves.

Luckily you can phone your doctor to explain the panic attack and may be get prescription on the phone. Your receptionist will ask the doctor for you

when you phone. Take care.


Ps. I had to have an MRI scan. I was told that if you are nervous you will have to get a tranquiliser

to take an hour before the test. I had a bad bout of stress disorder, and was told to take one when things were stressful. This did help. It was better to have a prescription before going to see specialist

or having a test. There are going be a lot of people having the same tests. It does help to know

how you are coping. My daughter had trouble with the thyroid and fibromyalgia , muscle pain and was given a calmant which really helped the neck and shoulder. - it was amytriptiline and it' helped her for several months. . I had Valium before my tests from prescription. . You have to ask first before you go as they won't give you anything at the hospital.


Thankyou gadgrantg, i am ok with tests being done ive had quite a few done. But what im finding hard is the breathing and it dies really scare me because if something is on my windpipe then thats dangerous. I have got worse since the last few weeks. I know their are lots of people like me and suffering too but feel horrible today.


As you are off work and on your own that makes these things worse but sometimes if you pick up a bit of knitting or find a comedy show on television avoid all news events with floods murders and

wars it might help.

We have an outbreak of fleas with our cats and a dog. We have a flea trap which overnight attracted

every flea and fly from all over the room. I can't believe how many there are in this trap this morning. Have my steamer out every day. It's

a light one with a triangle shape on a stick - it works within seconds and is so therapeutic.

Must dash as need to use it again.


Hope you are better this afternoon. Did you

go to doctor about it to get info? Had to stop

granddaughter from playing here because of

the fleas. I have steamed once today but will have to do another one t to stop them breeding.

It sounds awful but the pets seem to get them

at this time of year. I love my Beldray steamer

I can get under the chairs and beds with it.

We are lucky we have Tofs or the Original Factory shop with discounts. Think steam helps breathing

with croup and breathing. xxxx


Hi there yes been to docs, she is going to write a letter to endoc asking to refer me urgently to endoc, said im im not feeling great at all and been to hospital on 2 occassions and they keep saying they cant do anything. Did ask about carbimazole and effects and she did say that main side effects are hives and sore throat!! And to keep taking them. Going to hospital tomorrow to get my bloods done just to see if they have changed being on carbi for nearly 3 weeks now. Due you think ive gone hypo now? Also thinking of paying privately for thyroid ultrasound? What do you think?

My mum has 6 cats and i know she has had to flea everywhere at the moment. xx

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Well done! I don't know. Only the tests

and endo and doctors will know. By the sounds of it you might have problems

with your T3 and FreeT4 - the antibody test

will indicate if you have problems.

The breathlessness will be detected by

the endo and by further tests.

The administrators will be able to check for you. Do they send the results to the doctors, or can you have them from test labs in the hospital.

I would not go privately for ultrasound

as the hospital may fast track you and the results will be the same.

So glad other folk have problems with fleas! Have given cat and dog pills which are gentle on their systems. Have managed to brush dead fleas off the cat. She likes my electronic brush

but the dog hates it. The dog has numerous baths with a special shampoo which does not dry out the fur. The flea trap is working as is the steaming.

One thing about going privately is unless you stay in a private hospital the after care may not be as good as the Nhs. The nurses on nhs are good to their regular patients, but they don't like mopping up after someone elses private work. This happened to my dad - he had a private op, but he was not given any dressings. The wound became infected, and he was admitted on the NHS by the private surgeon

to the specialist hospital for another op.

However I found out from one of his friends who had taken him to the private unit for the private op he was screaming with pain. The private surgeon had not given him sufficient anaesthetic. It was a horror story.

However the NHS at the special unit did a successful op which held for over a year. Take carexxx


Yes i will get tests done tomorrow and they will be sent to docs. Ive just got a feeling that ive gone hypo really quick,i could be wrong though, im hoping i will be seen in a couple of weeks. But concerned that doc said keep taking carbi though.

Yes fleas been a problem for my mum she gets a spray for the house from the vets and also a drop that gies on the back of the neck. Costly business though. Xxx


Seen some posts that people are tested a week to ten days after being given carbinazole, so glad

you are getting there. The tiredness could be to do with a flare up of antibodies not being on a gluten free diet. The other swelling near windpipe, should be diagnosed after you have seen endo, or had the ultrasound. I'm going to look up to see if there

are any posts of people who have had trouble with

the windpipe and who are on carbinazole.

Think an administrator had trouble and had to have an op. I'll try and find the post.


You are fantastic.👀


In thyroiduk posts under title Lump sensation at back of throat posted by booboolulu- administrator

clutter reports he/she had a thyroid nodule removed as it was pressing on the windpipe and caused breathlessness and swallowing .

Other related posts are hashis-lump in throat.

In another post titled goitre and autoimmune disease jennie veggie yulia and clutter administrator give their thoughts and approach to

autoimmune disease which causes the flare ups

in the thyroid. So many people have hashimotos and coeliac disease but improve on a total gluten

free diet. I suggest you look at any responses from clutter you have had in no tpo antibodies test

and ask he/she for information on windpipe and

thyroid nodule compression and on autoimmune

disease such as hashimotos.

Think this is useful information.

Read another post on private ultrasound

and recommendations were to have the test done by a thyroid radiologist. In our hospitals sonographers to the ultra scan test. You could look up your hospital and departments to see what ultrasound facilities they have. Other info on

hyper and hypo thyroid is varied, some saying

if you are diagnosed with hyperthyroid then you are unlikely to suddenly go hypo - but they don't specify if your dose of carbinazole is too high whether this can happen. But if you are taking too much carbenizole for your specific needs, then it will alter your thyroid and make you feel poorly.

Take care.xx


If you look in new page on health on locked you can see interesting

information on Pals and freddom if information concerning getting your test

results. The title is I'm a newbie and 9 others. The lady's name is Xen...

And the administrator is Clut.

Chris Kresser.com tells you about gluten free diet if your hormones are raised.

The admin. tells about T3 being too high as part of diagnosis of raised antibodies.


I will take alook now.


Hi Michelle - guess you have had tests and are still not well.

Looked at the side effects in your drug - they mention everything you said breathlessness and muscle aches. They said that you should report these side effects to your doctor. Hope you at home and putting your feet up - and hope you have an appointment with endo

and other tests done which you needxxxx


Are you going to dial for an ambulance? Think this is the best route with your problems.

My grandson went to doctor and said it was optional as he didn't think it was much to worry about, but my son called the ambulance and the ambulance men put him on a special machine

and took him to hospital. He had had a bad attack of asthma, and an infection so it was a good thing he didn't wait for a doctor.

Side effects of drugs should be attended to urgently particularly with your throat. You should get the tests you need a.s.a.p.

It is disgusting that there is not enough weekend care.


Hello i havent called for a ambulance because last time they said my oxygen levels were fine, i feel like calling them, i dont think i should feel this poorly. I an going to get taxi for bloods done early tomorrow and go to a and e, ive had enough i just want to cry at the moment.xx


xxx good luck tomorrow. Deep breathing is recommended, inhale and expire air. Shallow breathing can cause pneumonia in thyroid patients. That's where

oxygen results fall down. I've had severe chest infections and pneumonia when my oxygen levels seemed ok! Also pharmacists say if you have a temperature

of over 37 for several days, which then goes down, you won't have an infection.

One of the signs of hypothyroid may be a lower body temperature, which doesn't fit the text book for bacterial infection. With diabetes, the level of sensitivity to hot and cold reduces, the blood sugar increases , and sometimes people feel unwell, have a normal temperature but have an infection! They may have a sore throat, but it may not be sensed. How's that for sods law!

So take care. This is your life.


Hello yet another night of no sleep. I feel so sick this morning with tummy pain that didnt make it to get bloods done this morning and i know i have to, my brother is coming tomorrow morning to take me. I just need to get there and see whats happening then. I am very sure that the shortness of breath is due to nodules and swelling or maybe carbi, its impossible for me to sleep on my sides as it hurts neck and breathing is worse, i sleep propped up with pillows when that lets me.xx


Dear Michelle so pleased your brother is coming to take you to

the doctor's. Lack of sleep can make you feel awful on top of the

the thyroid swelling. May be he will take you to your minor injuries unit as they will refer you to the right place. If you have your tests done in hospital you will be in the system to be checked on.

As you were discharged before Monday over the weekend,

if you go to the doctors for blood tests it may take longer than you expect to get help. Doctors are often pleased when the patient

goes to a minor injuries unit as they would probably tell you to go to hospital yourself. Cut out the bother, and get direct help.

Have been in hospital yesterday for a few lesions to be removed

under loal anaesthetic. I did too much walking, and the sticky plasters started to leak. I was nearly referred to the minor injuries unit as the nursing staff was so busy. They don't mind really if you need help urgently if you go to the minor injuries unit near you.

Bye for now.


Sorry you not great either, yes brother dropped me off at hospital for bloods to be taken, and i did fast for them, i later went to a and e as its just a walk through the hospital, seen within 2 hours, explained about carbimazole the doc did say very unlikely it was meds, they checked pulse and oxygen 99%, ecg fine.examined my neck and listerened to thyroid?? Dont know why, temp ok she did say heart was pounding abit and to go home and rest in bed, she did say i could take a antihistamine for slight swelling when it feels tight in the neck.said i was waiting for ultrasound but they said sorry no can do, its waiting for endoc, when i get blood results i will do a new post, results should be back in a couple of days, do you think there is a chance they could increase meds, how do they know if youre overmedicated and too give less, is it that the readings are higher? Sorry to badger you when you have your own set of problems.xx

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If you have hashimotos rather than hypethyroid or hypothyroid then the automimmune system is reacting

to the cause of the problem. ie gluten intolerance. Think you should take the antihistamines. it does help if it is a side effect of the drug and it may help reduce inflammation. I have read posts from other folk in the thyroid community who take antihistamines for permanent allergies, with hypo hyper and hashimotos. The test results need to be interpreted by your endo. I take antihistamines as I have a lot of allergies and they can help breathing considerably.

I know that swelling round the neck is extremely distressing but as it seems to shift position think it most likely the side effects of the drug which need to be checked to curb increasing swelling. If you are hypothyroid you tend to be

affected by the cold. Some people have an allergy to cold air so that you may have to keep your room temperature at about 65 degrees. The allergy can give

breathless ness with asthma like symptoms.

I wear a sports neck head scarf when walking pulling the

scarf over my nose and throat to keep the air warm round the airways. An ordinary scarf may help as it won't be too tight round the neck.

Don't be afraid - Pyriton is sold in bottles for infants

and children in liquid form. All you do is take the recommended dose for over 12s. You can get these from supermarkets, such as premier and other outlets.

Pyriton tends to make you drowsy, so may help relax you open the airways. Pireteze is the same compound but you don't get drowsy. These are made in tablet form and are very effective. Other remedies stugeron 15 or prescription may be useful. I swear by pyriton.

I would take two pyriton tablets as recommended by the doctor -you may notice a difference within twenty minutes. Have read posts of people who have had instant relief with antihistamines with thyroid and other autoimmune difficulties.

I am better with a course of antibiotics - did you have your chest and lungs tested? Did they feel the lymph nodes in the neck as this is the test for a side effects

of the drug. xxx


Hello yes she did check neck and lymph nodes but said they were ok. Neck and throat tightness does seem to move around and seems like suffocating and sometimes i can feel it in my nose. But am going to get some piriton tomorrow. She checked inside mouth for swelling aswell but i surpose the ultrasound will show more for nodules and swelling and read alot like you of people with throat tightness with thyroid troubles. At the moment i have very rosy cheeks and very warm but no temperature come the morning. I think my bloods will show whats what and i had antibodies took today tpo. She said you also have a cough that sometimes can be a nodule irritating the windpipe.but she listened with stethoscope on thyroid and could not hear any wheezing or stridor in that area. Lungs and chest clear like it always is.hope your flea situation dying down now. 😨


I'm sorry to say the fleas are not under control - have frequently steamed the rooms

and carpets. The bulb of the new flea lamp bust- the fuse went - a grasshopper jumped

on the flea trap, and the replacement bulb was too hot, and bust . We have over fifty fleas in the trap . The family pet dog jumped into the flea trap and it's paws got stuck on the sticky paper. She is a Papillion - the most adorable dog. She has had frequent baths which has helped with a tablet.

The cat is better after flea tablets and brushing. Pleased you have been tested - hope you get an earlier appointment with the endo but guess the tests will take time to come back. Let's hope they get it right this time! Hope you feel better after taking the pyriton xx


Hi - hope you are feeling better. It takes a couple of days of tablets 3 times a day

of antihistamines to see the effect. Found a brill website through bing.com

typing in "How to practice lymphatic drainage in the neck and throat.

The video is by MassageByHeather.com. I did it myself whilst watching the video

as it is tender behind my ears. Another question - thru Bing again is Pictures of lymph nodes in the head neck and throat.

I never realised that there are lymph nodes all along the windpipe and some are hidden

in the tracheal oesaphagageal groove. Nodes behind the pharynx in the throat may not be seen they are retrosternal. Sometimes a cough and swelling might indicate lymph nodes which are not usually examined on the larynx, which means you can have an upper respiratory infection.

Another remedy to take the swelling down is putting

cloth soaked in hot water, then wrapping it round your neck every few hours.

This increases blood to the throat. However as you feel hot and are flushed,

this might not be right for you. The pictures of the lymph nodes are really an insight.

You can see from looking in a mirror where the swelling is and check the pictures of where the lymph nodes are. If there is swelling under the chin , or along the windpipe

this could be a sign of infection or reaction to the drug. Dental problems also

might show a filling or an infection. Expect you know this already. The massage is very gentle and it shows how you sweep the swelling into the lymphatic system so it drains away. The lymph nodes also filter toxins and sweep them away with gentle massage.

Take care.


Yes i will definitley take a good luck at that later thankyou. I knew about nodules irritating the windpipe and resting on it and on the esphagous, that was my concern as i also have a cough. Just 3 weeks till endoc now!!


Lymph nodes are different to thyroid nodules - they go across the chest and behind the pharynx where they won't be located by feeling them.

The swelling comes around the lymph nodes from the lymphatic system.

Some people have a lower body temperature than 36degrees, eg 35. If they have a fever it goes up 1 degree to 36 which reads as normal - that's why some infections might not be spotted.xx


Your last post got lost - but pleased you might get test results back soon. It will help you to have the administrators to interpret them. My bet is your TSH is not within normal range and your antibodies are too high. Take care. The massage is very helpful - for your neck if the muscles feel hard at the back of the neck into the shoulder. The lymphatic drainage may help you. I copied the video and could see how to sweep all the excess fluid from the lymph system.

If you find it tight to turn your head at night with stiffness this might be due to muscle tension.

Can you touch your neck with your fore finger from behind the ears and sweep downwards with no pressure? Hope you might get some more sleep as this will make you feel better.

Head exercises might help loosen muscles - lift your head up and down very slowly - then turn head to the right then to left very slowly. If it hurts to turn too much to either side, then give it a miss - stick to stroking your neck lightly with fingers, just as if you were applying a neck throat cream but always go from the top of the neck downwards. I get a feeling of granules in my neck

when I do the exercises which were recommended by an ENT specialist. After the exercises they disappear. Take care.xx


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