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TSH 7.8 Female 30


I m 30 year old female 70kg ,I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism symptoms since past 3 months with TSH level up to 9.8 and my uncle started medication drug thyroxine 12.5Mg for 4 weeks already and my TSH level up to 6.1 in July but this month again its 7.8


I m still taking Thyroxine 12.5Mg

2 Days back started Thyroidinum 3x Tablets trice a day

should i increase the dose to 25Mg ??


Low Energy Level

Lot of Hair Fall

Dry Skin

Feeling Numb/Cold


Weight Gain

Please Help..!!!!


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I'm sorry, your thyroxine dose doesn't make any sense. We usually talk about thyroid hormones in mcg, not mg. 12.5 mg would be a huge dose, and doubtful anybody would start on that high a dose. But 12.5 mcg is a rediculously small dose, and I can't imagine a doctor starting you on such a low dose, either - unless he was really, really ignorant about thyroid.

The normal protocol is to start on 50 mcg - unless you have heart disease - and retest after six weeks (it takes that long for the thyroxine to take full effect). Then increase by 25 mcg, and retest in another six weeks, and to continue that proceedure until all the symptoms are gone.

If you have been on 12.5 mcg thyroxine for 3 months, it's really not surprising that your TSH is 7.8. You need an increase in dose - preferably 25 mcg.

Thyroidinum is a homeopathic remedy, and has been mentioned on here before. And the general opinion is that it doesn't work. It will not do anything for your hypothyroidism. They only thing that can replace thyroid hormones is thyroid hormones.


Diogenes is a renowned scientist and researcher into all things thyroid. :)

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Greygoose thank u so much

is it ok if I start taking 25mcg...first..?? I m very no medicine type person.. And often feel vomiting when it comes to take medicine.. (Any type)



25mcg won't be enough but you can start with 25mcg for a couple of weeks and then increase to 50mcg. Have a thyroid test 6-8 weeks after increasing to 50mcg to see whether dose is sufficient.


Thanks will do that ..:)


Thyroxine isn't 'medicine' in the normal sense of the word. It's not a drug. It's thyroid hormone, to replace the hormone your thyroid can no-longer make enough of, and which you need to live.


Hi greygoose

I m taking 50mcg from last 3 weeks, today got my TSH test done and now its TSH 3Rd generation result is 0.046..

Should i stop medicine or reduce it to 25mcg..

Pls Help




No, neither. Is TSH all that was tested? Because that on its own doesn't tell you very much. You also need your FT4 and FT3 tested so see how high your actual thyroid hormones are - TSH is a pituitary hormone. You cannot dose by the TSH alone.

So, carry on taking the same dose until you can get the other tests done. :)

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ok Thanks

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I am not sure what you mean by this phrase, copied from above:-

and my uncle started medication drug thyroxine.

greygoose has made appropriate remarks which I agree with.


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