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Access to test results

Hi how do I get access to test results? I am in the UK and I am a member of Patient online. I have access to repeat prescriptions and appointments, how do I go about getting test result access please? GP receptionist says only the endo should be discussing results for thyroid with me and since my thyroid results came back ok I don't need to know anything about numbers. I had my medication reduced from 200mcg levothyroxine and 20mcg to 150mcg levothyroxine. Symptoms are flaking cuticles, migraines, pins and needles, hard stool, difficult swallowing, dry and itchy skin, feeling cold, flaky lips, bone pain, hair loss, heavy periods so since my thyroid has come back as ok I now feel like a hypochondriac.

Advice appreciated.

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The above link tells you how you can obtain your results. The Receptionist is wrong - sadly ! As she is NOT an Endo - how does she know the results are fine ? Insist on obtaining them - they are legally yours :-)

Will look out for them !


Hi, I am also a member of Patient online, I had to fill a form in at my GP surgery to say that I wanted to view my whole record this included test results, I could order repeat prescriptions & make appointments straight away but it took a while to see test results as a doctor had to authorise it.


You have to request enhanced access and in my practice you have to sign a consent form and get the doctor or practice nurse to sign it. Ask at reception for enhanced access or speak to the practice manager, write if necessary. It's your right. You won't get the results of your hospital blood tests that way but your consultant should be writing to your doctor and copying you into any correspondence regarding results. In any case, starting with getting GP blood results will help.


Hi not all gp's are playing fair I think. My mother in law has just been granted access to her records online but when we had a look it was just a list of appointments and blood tests performed, no results,no numbers, no recommendations. A cynical person would wonder why. Lol

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