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Does anyone know why some folks with hypothyroidism are on a much higher dose of Levo than folks with no thyroid at all?

This is something that confuses me. I've been hypo for 25 years and take 225mcg per day. How is it that there are people who have had their thyroid removed but are still on a much lower dose? How does that work?! Can you become resistant? Although having said that I've always been on quite a high dose.

Thanks in advance!

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Interesting, thank you!

I take fluoxetine, but haven't always taken it but always been on a higher dose.

I've been tested recently for coeliac which was negative.

I'm very compliant with my medication!

Think I'll have a read into autoimmune gastritis.

Thank you!

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fluoextine blocks proper absortion of levo

sounds like you need T3

what blood test results have you got

anti depressants should not be needed if hypothyroid is correctly treated

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Lots of info on the Thyroid Uk site as well. They run this forum. I also wish doctors would read and take note and tgey send us out of the surgery with a prescription and think it's job done!!!

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