Weight Gain on Levothyroxine

I have an overactive thyroid which started two years ago, before diagnosis I was very ill and lost 6 stone in 3 months then I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism I started taking Carbimazole 20 mg but was allergic to it and ended up with a rash all over my body, so I had radioiodine treatment, then I was put on 200 mg Levothyroxine and over a year the amount was reduced with regular blood tests eventually my levels are normal and I am on 150mg of Levothyroxine every day with regular blood tests, however for the last 6 months I have put 3 stone in weight on and no matter what I do the weight wont come off and indeed is increasing for no apparent reason.

Please help.

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  • Do you have latest blood tests with reference ranges? You particularly need a free T3 result, along with TSH and free T4. When you have them, post them here and people can comment. Do you feel well, apart from the weight gain? It may be that your dose needs changing and you would probably benefit from the addition of T3, which is very important for people who have had a thyroidectomy. If your GP will not do these tests, you can have them done privately. Details are on the Thyroid UK website. xx

  • Hi Hennerton thanks for the speedy reply, I never see my blood results the doctor at the hospital just looks at his screen and says either ok or increase/decrease of Levothyroxine, I didn't know what these important T results mean, I will ask for them at my next appointment, hopefully they will let me have these or I will get them done privately yes I feel fine now in myself just cannot understand the weight gain and certainly do not want it to increase.

    Many Thanks xx

  • Hi Hennerton

    Have been reading the forum noted you have mentioned Dr Skinner in Birmingham would I be able to see him do you think as I'm not happy with my Hospital department, I only live in Wolverhampton so could travel easily if so could you pass on his details to me.

    Many Thanks xx

  • Hi Molly, you can see Dr S privately but must have a GP referral. I think you need to get blood tests first, however, because I think no doctor could increase your Levo or give you T3 just because you say you would like to lose weight. They would soon have the GMC at their heels and Dr S has had enough trouble with them, without courting more. You say you have no other symptoms, which is odd. Usually weight gain goes hand in hand with many other problems. Why not get the blood tests and see what is going on? I will pm you Dr S details. When you have your results, post here with a new question and people can comment. Must include reference ranges please.

  • I have been sent my results, can any one make sense of these, why don't they include T3.

    The results are:

    T4 of 18.5

    TSH of 0.326

    Many Thanks

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