Confused πŸ˜•

Confused πŸ˜•

Can anyone offer any thoughts on my most recent results please (pics attached)

At previous reading my levothyroxine was increased from 125 to 150 & I feel better for the increase.

However, for the 3 months leading to the increase I was using the 'new improved' TEVA brand & I am actually wondering if it works at all. I felt shocking while taking that brand (never again) I've had investigation for sleep apnoea which was negative, been put on blood pressure & statin medications. I just felt so I'll & exhausted while using Teva hence the investigation!

I will also add that I self medicate Vit D ( refuse the prestrictions Fultinum - was ill) Magnesium, K2 & B12 oral supplements ' GP said my level wasn't low enough to treat was 219.

Any advice, apologies for long essay 😯 TIARA

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Take a multi b as well to balance the bs .You could do with free t3 test, How do you feel now? In my opinion statins are evil, why are you taking them? My blood pressure was high till found right dose thyroid meds for me and is now good, 115/70 this morning :)

Hi Joanne - what brand worked better for you?

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