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Postpartum thyroiditis

Hi, I am a new add. I was diagnosed in June 2016 with hyper about 4 months after having my baby. A few weeks later this changed to hypo as my symptoms and bloods changed. Thus the diagnosis of postpartum thyroiditis. However my TPO antibodies were really high (over 1000) so there is a possibility of autoimmune thyroiditis/hypo. I have been told that I may be able to recover from postpartum thyroiditis and after my last blood work my endo has suggested I start to reduce my levo with the view to weaning off it. Has anyone done this successfully? If so, what process did you follow? TIA

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Exact same happened to me but when I did I went completely hypothyroid and have hashimotos so have been medicated since 2007.


Ah that's a shame. How do you feel these days and what meds work for you? My symptoms still fluctuate so I am hoping I can wean off meds. It's so hard having this with young kids isn't it?



I'm on 200mcg of thyroxine and feel up and down still. It's been a long hard battle and drs just don't care.


It does seem to be a trend that Drs don't care....quality of life is obviously not important just the numbers :( Have you tried a diet change at all? I am trying gluten free to see if there's any change


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