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Advice for a newbie

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to ask for some advice or guidance. I’ve been ill for a number of years and been back and forth to my GP, who referred me on to rheumatology, which didn’t show anything. I’ve just turned 50 so thought my symptoms may be perimenopausal, which I suggested to my doc, who put me on the pill to help balance my hormones, but this made me feel worse. Then recently I read about thyroid conditions and all the symptoms matched. My GP did thyroid blood tests which came back normal, (I don’t know the specific results as she didn’t elaborate, plus I find it all a bit confusing). She also did the antibodies blood test, but hasn’t contacted me with any results and seemed to suggest that this would only show possible future problems, so wouldn’t explain anything I’m feeling at the moment. I’ve since discovered that my mother had thyroid problems and had her goitre removed. Also my sister has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and one GP said she had ‘classic’ thyroid symptoms, although she hasn’t been officially diagnosed with thyroid problems. I’m convinced my illness is thyroid related, but not sure where I go from here, now that my blood tests have come back normal. The GP is now suggesting that it might be psychological and that I should consider anti depressants. Whilst I might be feeling frustrated and a bit down at my physical health, I know I’m not depressed. I’m considering private tests now, but am even finding that overwhelming. How do I choose a private doctor? Any help and advice on what to do next would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Never take 'normal' as a diagnosis when relating to the thyroid gland. That's what gets most of us into trouble. Please get a print out of your results with the ranges from the surgery. We are entitled and post them on a new question

unless you have them to hand now.

If your GP hasn't tested your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done but you can do that after you post your results.


Welcome to the forum, Hoop_la.

The first thing to do is to ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a print out of your results with the lab ref ranges and post them in a new question for comment/advice.

'Normal' is a very broad range and it is possible that your results are at the bottom or top of their respective ranges which can often rule out or confirm the likelihood of thyroid dysfunction. Depending on which tests your GP ordered members may advise having private thyroid tests which you order yourself and may be considerably cheaper than seeing a GP or endocrinologist privately.

As your doctor appears to have ruled out thyroid dysfunction as the cause of your symptoms you could request blood tests for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Low/deficient levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood, similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

Email for a list of endos and GPs recommended by members.


Thanks Shaws and Clutter, that's really helpful advice. I have a tendency to accept everything the GP says and need to learn to question things more. Will get a copy of my results and post them. Thanks again.


I would suggest that you get your gp to refer you on to an endocrinologist which is what mine did

I have been diagnosed with hashimotos disease my thyroid is literally burning out so now taking meds

have had a really hard time in the last few months dealing with it all and not having the support that i felt i really needed

its tough and other women like you have been my support system so TY



Thanks onecanhope. I doubt my GP would refer me to an endocrinologist, as she has already referred me to rheumatology a few years ago which didn't show anything, and has done numerous blood tests, again which haven't shown anything. Now she is suggesting I consider anti depressants! So I think I have lost all hope of any further referrals from her. You are lucky to have such an understanding GP and I hope now that you have your diagnosis, things can start to improve for you.


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