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T3 range

Hi folks, ive posted on here many times and bloods all look good although one thing ive noticed is my ft3 may not be the best if im calculating it correctly.

Long story short ive been seeing a private endo and at the minute cant get speaking to him as he is on what seems like a very long holiday so i can not get the ranges from him intil he is home from hols. i got a friend who is a nurse to get me the ranges from the lab the bloods were done. She wouldn't try and look at my file on the hospital computer she has no reason to so could potentially be in big trouble but gettig the ranges from the lab was no issue.

Tsh 0.27

FT4 16.1 range 12-22

Ft3 5.2 range 4-8.2

Does the t3 look lowish ?

I see the ft4 has dropped from 18 to 16.1 in few months, is that much of a change or minimal?


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That looks like a rather unusual range for FT3. We often see the range for FT4 at 12-22 and the accompanying FT3 range is usually 3.1-6.8 with TSH range 0.27-4.2 which is actually the TSH range in your previous post with your results here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

Free t3 was 5.2 ( sorry no range )

Tsh 0.27 range (0.27-4.2)

Free thyroxine 16.6

I'm not saying your friend is wrong, but personally I'd want to see the actual figure printed out or direct from the horse's mouth, so to speak. The other two ranges are what we frequently see so I'd expect the FT3 range to be 3.1-6.8 If it was a private blood test done by Blue Horizon or Medichecks then the FT3 range is 3.1-6.8

As far as the difference in your FT4 is concerned, when did you take your last dose of Levo both times?

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It wasnt done through either it was done through my endo and a hospital lab in belfast. I dont take any medicatio. Docs always say the ranges are good.

She doesnt have a print out but i will get her to double check just to make sure


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