More eggs

Yesterday it was said about 21000 insecticide contaminated Dutch eggs have been distributed in the UK,today it is 700,000! How many tomorrow? The Dutch authorities have known of the problem since June but have only exposed it this week.

But no worries ,unlikely to have done any real harm- they say.

Beware bought sarnies and cheap meals with egg ingredient. This rubbish will have gone into the catering trade.

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  • Ooh I had better chivvy my girls up to start laying more, I could make a fortune 🐓

    Did you also see that eggs used in bought sandwiches and the like have probably been cooked and stored for 20+ days before use, now that does sound gross.

  • Yuk!

  • That's made me feel queasy!

    bantam12 can I order a dozen please? :D

  • Aldi is Dutch isn't it?

  • German

  • That's what they pretend - they are actually from a parallel universe.

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