Would love to meet some of my new currently faceless friends ! - Why not grab a lift from me to the Thyroid UK conference in September

I have just booked myself a place on the Thyroid UK conference being held in September. If anyone else is going and lives in North Devon or is on route to the venue and would like to share a lift..I would be very happy to pick you up. PM me if you are interested. Best wishes, Shond D

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  • What a great idea! :-)

  • Look forward to meeting you, we will be a car of 3 travelling from Gloucester to the conference.

  • Will see you there shond2015! I am going with my husband from Essex. He will amuse himself for the day while I am at the Conference.

  • Brilliant.... Look out for a woman wearing a white card on her coat! (maybe I should wear a white coat too!!)

  • I'm sure you couldn't do much worse than some doctors who do wear white coats (or used to). I will look out for you. If you look for my avatar, then the hair colour is different now as I can no longer colour it because of rubbish T4.

  • ha ha....I hope we are able to meet up then. Re the hair issue....ditto!

  • thank you Lynne......you are doing a fantastic job on our behalf too! I look forward to meeting you then.

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