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Does any level of peroxidase antibody mean Hashimotos?


Feel like I'm positing every 2 mins, but only just found this forum and have so many questions now I don't feel alone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

My question is if peroxidase antibodies are present on my test does it mean hashimotos? Even if they are low?

My results was 15.5 for peroxidase and the range I was given was 4 or less.

My thyroglobulin was 10 and the range again was 4 or less.

I've just read that if anitobodies are present AT ALL that means autoimmunity and hashimotos, but the organisation I had the finger prick with (Thriva) say all my results are normal.

Confused (for the millionth time this month!)

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All tests have some uncertainty. Even if your blood truly had zero antibodies, a test might show a number greater than zero. The reference ranges should have been set so that this imperfection never causes a positive test result.

Also, there certainly is speculation that very low levels of antibodies might be of no consequence. For example, physical damage to the thyroid can cause temporarily increased antibodies. Often seen after operations.

Again, the reference range is intended to ignore these low levels. But the flip side is that a positive result really should be taken at face value as a positive result. The necessary uncertainties have already been factored in. At least, that is the theory. The only thing that cannot be included is that the higher level might have been temporary.


Thank you so much for this. I have definitely been feeling horrible lately and cutting out gluten has made a huge difference so I'm just going to continue making health changes because that's always a good idea πŸ˜„

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