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Keep yr information private


Ive read through one or two articles and have noticed that some information that was given out by dr peatfield is being made public id assume that if any one was seeing dr peatfield for an appointment to get advice or help that it would be kept private theres such a thing as patient dr confidentiality and lettings others know what hes said is id say being disrespectfull to him as well as yrselves

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You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but members are also entitled to discuss their patient-doctor consultations. It is not disrespectful to Dr. P or themselves if they choose to discuss them.

Haven't you just let everyone know who Doc P is??

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Lozzer66

Do you think that is a problem?

humanbean in reply to Lozzer66

We don't identify the terrible doctors publicly, we only do that privately. But the good doctors are sometimes identified publicly.

Dr P is one of the good guys.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to humanbean

He is also not under the thumb of the GMC - having relinquished his registration years ago.


yr? yrselves?

Treepie in reply to Hidden

Cannot put that down to fat finger.

I'm a psychotherapist and it would be completely unethical to discuss content with anyone other than my client or supervisor. However my clients can (and often do) discuss their therapy with whoever they choose. This is how 'patient confidentiality' works.

It is so important for us all to share our experiences.


If you do see doctors being inappropriately identified, it is best to report the post(s) in which that was done. Writing a new thread just increases exposure!

This explains how:

You probably won't find anyone on here who does not respect Dr. P., indeed I would say that those who have seen him love him for being a brilliant, kind man.

My interpretation of dr. patient confidentiality would be that the doc. cannot discuss his patients but patients are free to talk if they so wish. Anyway, not important in the scheme of things, in my opinion.

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