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Hypo and blood sugars

I have been on a low dose of levo (25mcg) for a couple of months now and I am expecting a dose increase next week when I see GP. Tsh 4.16 (0.30-5.50) at recent test, no T4 provided on printout. In april it was tsh 5.8 and t4 12.3 (11.5_22.7). My queery is I often feel dizzy while moving about, this can be quickly resolved by eating or drinking something sweet. I am encouraged to eat less and move more. Can anything be inferred by this?

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Could it be because you are hypothyroid and need a dose increase? The extra sugar might temporarily give you a burst of energy do you think?

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That was my hope, I could do without diabetic issuses as well. Thanks.


Get thyroid antibodies tested, plus B12, folate, vitamin D and ferritin

Low B12 linked to feeling dizzy

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