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Hi all, i have just had a synacthen test as i have been suffering with adrenal problem symptoms and had 4 low blood tests with gp. My base was 146 and went up to 558 after 60mins. The days before my test i had actually felt the best i had in a long time. They said this was normal even though all gp readings sat around the 112 mark. I have tried eating better and gentle exercise but am still suffering and feel exhausted. Is there anything i can do? They stated i am 'normal' so that is that. All advice appreciated!

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The Synacthen test only tests for primary adrenal insufficiency. If you constantly have a low baseline along with symptoms then I would want to be tested for Secondary adrenal insufficiency too - which is where the brain isn't sending the right signal to the "healthy" adrenal glands.

The test they did doesn't test for secondary adrenal insufficiency. You'd need to have this test....



Hi and welcome to the forum. Since you are here I presume you have been diagnosed with some form of thyroid issue? We may be able o give you better advice if you can give us more info abut the whole picture. What have you been diagnosed with? What medication are you on and/or what treatment have you had? What are your most recent test results for thyroid and nutrients? All of this has an impact on your adrenal health, as thyroid and adrenals work together to support the body in day and daily activities. If you are hypothyroid and under-medicated, for instance, the adrenals will try to keep you going by pumping out extra cortisol and/or adrenaline. This can result in them becoming fatigued and unable to do so any more.

Hence the requirement to see thyroid results before we can really advise on adrenals. The tests you are looking for are tsh, ft4, ft3, TpoAb, TgAb, vit d, vit b12, folate and ferritin.



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