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I'm sharing some of this bc others might find my story helpful. After spending a year reacting to mylan levo and synthroid I was given tirosint. Thyroid meds were the only thing I was taking. All reactions were T,B and mast cell activated and all were firsts at 65! For the last year (tirosint) all the reactions have stopped. Bc I really didn't have symptoms to chase, I opted to do 23/me as I thought this would provide more info and be more cost effective. I was not disappointed! I have multiple chemical sensitivity (maybe why I reacted to mylan and synthroid) and a number of other interesting uncommon mutations (less than 25%). My hypo/hashi genes are also interesting as I'm +/- on the only hypo gene I've found so far and the hashi genes came back inconclusive or no call based on what I've found so far. I found certain uploads valuable in that I was taking the wrong forms of some supplements so I'm swapping that out. All the above served to confirm my outlier status. Docs were of no help through this. I found sites like this and others to be more helpful than the medical Community-sorry to say. So thank you for your help and a great site.

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Interesting as I'm hypo and interested in genealogy and wondering about which test to take. Although looking at genealogy sites many do more than one test but for me I think 23andme is winning. Just worried as to whether I shall understand what it is trying to tell me!


Different sites do/offer different things. Ancestry provides access to documents (marriage,death,immigration etc) but doesn't have as many snps whereas 23/me does more snp analysis. What you get is raw data and then there are sites that you upload raw data to for deciphering. I did 23/me bc I wanted more snp analysis (for me the more the better). Most uploads are marginal in cost. A word of caution, some sites report snps in a different alpha format. Even w the English translations, it's a bit of work and takes some time. Amazon just did a prime flash sale on 23/me and if you do this one just buy the $99 (US don't know what the cost is U.K.) for $49. They both generally go on sale about Thanksgiving and/or Xmas but I'm not sure the discount is as deep. Be prepared for surprises! I uploaded to several sites and promethease advised that I should seek genetic counseling since I'm a carrier of sickle cell trait (DNA timeline puts this back to 1600 -out of Africa). I was most amused since I'm 67 , Caucasian and green eyed,. The way my DNA broke, it was easy to tell it was my mom's side.

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Thank you for the explanation


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