Can anyone help. I can't eat gluten and just started and I also noticed I am having a problem with rice. Been eating some gluten free crackers with rice and potato starch, in then. don't know if this what's hurting me. When I have a reaction to foods it effects my joint in my toes and knees and my neck, I know it sounds crazy but it's always been that was. I just have a gluten sensitive.


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It's probably the potato starch rather than rice. I get aches and heaviness in my limbs from eating potatoes.


I'm sensitive to potato, as well as wheat and oats. This means that I have to check the lists on gluten free products as many of them contain potato. The only bread I've found so far is by Schar, and most of their other gluten free products are also potato free, which is really useful.

It could be the lectins in the rice and the potato. I've been reading the Plant Paradox by Gundry as there are auto-immune problems linked with lectins, including Hashi's.

I can't tolerate rice very well. But rice can be high in arsenic so it's no no for thyroid. I get very bad hives and ridiculously painful diarrhoea.

Potatoes I tolerate to a certain point. But heavy feeling often follows. Only potatoes I tolerate is those that have been stored in dark place for long time and boiled -cooled -reheated which makes resistant starch.

I avoid potato flour as the starch might not be resistant starch which suits me better.

Thanks for the update. Didn't know rice was not good for thyroid. will look into this

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