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Linear Lichen Aureus

My daughter was diagnosed with this 20 years ago when she was 15. At that time, very little seemed to be understood about it. She became a world wide study of the condition where many doctors from all over the world came to see her. In the end it was a Japanese doctor who diagnosed her.

20 years on, she is free from this condition, however , I was recently diagnosed hypothyroid and we have concerns she may have Hashimotos, as she has many symptoms and has allergies.

So it will be interesting to see if there is some kind of link.

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Hi Milpol,

I have had lichen planus in my mouth for about 25 yrs now. I had to look up Aureus. I do have other odd patches on my legs but what they are doesn't worry me. A new one for me was Koebner that I had on my back neck and stomach. Everything with me is autoimmune in origin.

All I can suggest is if in any doubt is to ask for her to be tested for Hashimoto's.

Regards, GG


Hi GG,

That's so interesting. We will ask for her to be checked for Hashimotos.

I hope you continue to improve GG and thank you for your comments,

Kind regards,

J xx

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All the very best to you and your daughter for the future. Best wishes.


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Forgot to say, I hope your daughter discusses this with her doctor or GP and he/she follows through with the necessary tests. GG

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