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Nutrition books for hypothyroid

Hi there, can anyone recommend a really good diet / nutrition book for hypothyroidism? There are plenty out there, but I'd love to hear from anyone who really rates one. I have tried so many diet plans over the last few years - from 1,000kcal-a-day vegan (for 8 months), to 5-2 (10 months), to 1,400kcal-a-day ketosis (8 months). Am now following a diet by fitness guru Betty Rocker. None of it seems to be working. The puffiness and bloating and weight gain keep on rising, while my mood and libido are crashing... Thanks so much! Fiona

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Are you on medication? Nothing worked for me diet wise until my T3 was sorted. You need to post blood results (with ranges) on here to see if you are optimally treated. Somebody much cleverer than me can then help


Izabella Wentz or the paleo mom - Sarah Ballantyne. I'm grain free definitely helped.


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