Dear All,

I would really appreciate any advice. I have spent the last 4 months taking Levothyroxine as a result of a basic blood tests by my very kind GP. Luckily, after feeling much worse on 25mcg, I went back to him. He raised my dose to 50mcg and referred me to an Endo specialist. After lots and lots of tests and still feeling ghastly, most of my results are back. As it turns out, I have thyroditis - Hashimoto's, as well as Addison's disease (adrenal auto immune) and some autoimmune connective tissue disease (probably Sjogren's syndrome). He is sending me to someone to deal with the tissue stuff first and then will deal with levels of levothyroxine after that. Apparently my (T4, T3) conversion is fine and I believe that he is taking it seriously.

None of us feel very well with this I know, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do nutritionally to help. I live in Glos, but spend lots of time in London, and whilst I don't want to go down a purely 'natural' route (although fully believe in holistic support), I was wondering if anyone had any advice on who to talk to about nutrition or if anyone could give me any help.

Sorry about the length of this email - it's so boring not to feel great - but my children are at boarding school and home for the summer and I just want to be able to look after them (and have enough energy not to get cross with them) as much as I can and used to be able to. I would really value any advice.

Thank you.


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  • Hi, I live in glos too 😊! I'm sure someone will come along and give more advice but I would say you definitely need to go gluten free.....I hope some one helps you more! x

  • Thank you Polly3. I need to go and buy some books and understand where gluten is in my diet - I know it's in bread and pasta, but am pretty ignorant about it all generally. I have always been well, fit and happy and perhaps this is a wake up. I think we need a Glos group for advice. Maybe when I feel a bit better I will try to set one up. I hope you are ok - this is all a bit of a nightmare for everyone involved in this site! I hope you have a good weekend. x

  • Your most welcome and yes a glos group would be fab! It is a long learning curve, I feel very well and am gluten and mostly dairy free I am on t4\t3 combo which works well for me and I exercise 3 times a week so I do good but so will you!. Gluten is everywhere, flavoured crisps, flavoured cooked chicken, jar sauces and soups , biscuits cakes (boo) there are good alternatives but best to make stuff from scratch. You will need to read labels and reeducate your taste buds and the way you eat but it is so worth it!! You have a good weekend too and take care! x

  • Hello. PF, welcome to the group. It might be worth looking online and joining Coeliac UK. They provide a lot of information about food and they have a wonderful directory of everything that you can buy to eat that is GF. Worth signing up for that alone. The directory makes shopping very easy and generally I think it's much easier these days to be GF because restaurants are more aware. You've just got to remember that junk food is junk food whether it's GF or not.

    Not surprised you feel awful but now that your doctor has been so helpful, hopefully now things are moving along you will feel a lot better soon and having a doctor who is kind is a big thing a lot of people who come on here don't have that. Have you had your vitamin D, B12, ferritin and folates checked out? You want them to be nice and high in their ranges to support your thyroid.

  • Ahhh, the joys of autocorrect on a mobile device. I suspect (??) that Fruitandnutcase meant for you to get your folate level measured, not to check your floaters.

  • Thanks Rosetrees 😉

  • Thank you fruit and nutcase! So kind of you to reply. I will join Coeliac UK and will try to learn everything I can about GF. I have 2 teenage boys and cook everything from scratch for all of us because I am sure that junk food is exactly that and want them to understand that. I will look at my bloods again.

    Thank you for replying. I'm very grateful and hope you have a lovely weekend.


  • I'm a great believer in getting nutrition levels up to scratch. When I had menopause and PMS problems some 20 years ago I discovered the Womens Nutritional Advisory Service (they don't exist any more). They advised supplements and changes in diet which got me through without HRT (which disagreed with me).

    Since being diagnosed with thyroid problems I have had my nutrition levels checked again. Nutritional deficiencies can have all sorts of effects.

    You may be able to find a competent nutritionist near to your home who can do blood tests but I will PM you with details of a doctor who visits London each week.

  • Thank you, that's so helpful. I will contact him and try to get an appointment.

  • The best advice I can give you is : eat plenty of good fat, and Don't skimp on the salt!

    All the things we're told not to eat, I know, but they got it all dreadfully wrong, and a lot of us are suffering because of it!

    The adrenals need salt and lots of vitamin C - and you need your adrenals to be up to scratch when you're hypo!

    And the body needs fat (it doesn't make you fat!). It also need cholesterol, so Don't worry if yours is a bit high, Don't cut out the fat because of it. And by good fats I mean animal fat, butter, olive oïl, nuts, avacados. But avoid all oils made of seeds - sunflower seed oil, canola, peanut, etc - because they are too highly processed. :)

  • Hi puffyface,

    you have got a challenging situation and there are therapists out there who have the knowledge to support you. Nutritional therapists registered with BANT would be my recommendation, register

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