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Ignoring symptoms for a long time- what should I do now?

Hello! I've been diagnosed abroad with Hashimoto 3,5 years ago and polycystic ovaries 5 years ago. I take L-Thyroxin everyday and until recently I felt ok. My endocrinologists lives abroad and I see her once a year. As I spend most of my time in the UK, however, I'd like to see someone here (Birmingham) but my GP seems reluctant to refer me anywhere. If I feel unwell it's a though fight to get even T3 and T4 blood tests done. In past 6 months I've noticed that my skin got dry and my hair's brittle. And I have always had healthy hair. I started thinking that I am not paying enough attention to my illness because the only difference I've noticed since I've been diagnosed is the lack of energy and gaining weight very easy ( currently I have unhealthy weight and diet); In past month, I started getting pains around my belly button no matter of whether I eat or what I have (I don't usually have 3 meals a day). In past 10 days the pains became more persistent and sharp - I cannot stand them anymore so I booked an appointment with my GP's nurse next Monday.

I wanted to ask for advice - Has anybody had similar symptoms (I know that leaky guts and bloating are common for Hashi's) ? What kind of test should I insist to have or what specialist should I see?

I'd like to get to the bottom of this so I can take actions but I know it will be a struggle to receive adequate attention from my GP :(

Forgot to mention that I started getting blurred vision 2 months ago. Had an eye test and was told that my eyes are perfectly fine. A friend advised me to stop eating chicken (the main kind of meat I used to have) and my vision is fine now. I feel, however, extremely light headed and I am afraid that this affects my performance at work. Help!

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Hi,have you got the results and ranges of any blood tests? If can post them everyone will be able to advise you on best course of action! I'm sure you will find lots of help from our experts 😊 Good luck!


Thank you. No I don't have recent results, I have appointment next Monday and then I will post my results.


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