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Getting up early to go on holiday!


Hi everyone,

New member here - underactive. I am prescribed 50 / 75mcg Levothyroxine on alternate days after being diagnosed in November 2016.

I currently take my pills around 7am- an hour before I get up to have breakfast.

My question is: I am going on holiday tomorrow (flight is at 6.30am). I will be getting up around 2-3am and I just don't know how to go about taking my medication... I can't find an answer on the internet anywhere.

Should I be sticking to my 7am time as normal? Or do I take my medication when I get up, regardless of what time it is?

Grateful for any help!

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Personally I'd stick to the same time as you usually take them

Thanks for your reply- hopefully I can do without breakfast for 5 hours! :(

You could eat when you wake up still and by the time 7am rolls around you'll be okay to take your meds.


It will make little difference for one day.

Far more important than exact time is still keeping it away from food, drinks other than water, supplements and other medications.

Similarly, many people going on holiday end up in a different time zone. If it is only one or a few hours, keep to the same clock time (if convenient). If going to the antipodes (or anywhere else many hours ahead or behind), you need to handle that. I suggest switching to 12-hour dosing for the day or two of the flights. Then revert to local time at the destination.

Make sure you pack don't leave your tablets at home!

I would take it when I got up . I always take mine though the night then I can have a coffee in the morning

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