t4 thyroxin im making to much

is t4 thyroxin ? cause im off the scale for t4 myfree t4 is in the upper range . my question is thyroxin toxity can be induced by giving to much medication . but im producing way to much on no meds . i have tachicardia sweats you would not believe cant sleep but exhausted . restless legs dry eyes constant thirst . would symptoms be the same weather you have to much thyroxin from medication as with a thyroid that is producing to much thyroxin i just want answers feel so ill

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my cardiologist said there is a degree of hyperthyroid that he thinks is causing tachycardia my heart can go 145 just standing but not pots .my doc says only t4 is over range so not worried despite heart rate sweats insomnia. my cardiologist disagrees . what do i do do i find a doctor more willing to look into things . i had a thyrogglossal cyst removed in 2014 so have scarring . i have also had iodine scan for above operation . all this is being ignored because only one thyroid level came back abnormal . my t4 is 219.9 range 64.5-142.0 free t4 19.17 range 12/22 my tpo abs 32.5 range <34


Free T4 is a better measurement of T4 than total T4 and your Free T4 is within range which doesn't indicate hyperthyroidism. What are your TSH and Free T3 levels and ranges?

they are in range . i have a nodule they found but said was ok during scan for my op three years ago . could this be the reason for high t4 . my blood test may be in range but i feel far from normal .


FT4 is also in range so it's not high and you are not hyperthyroid. What are your TSH and FT3 results?

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