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Hi, I have posted here before with no replys. Please cansomeone with qualifications answer my questions.

I have studied my Hypo symptoms for the last 2 years. I am more confused now than when I started. There is so much info that some contradict. I am on 100 mg thyroxine which I take at night. Still got 75% of symptoms, have had many blood tests, which are said to be satisfactory. I am exercising like mad, cutting things down in my diet and weight not budging. My doc is good but is not a specialist in this. He has wrote to endo with my request, but endo wrote back to decrease meds but didn't feel he needed to see me. My meds have been upped and downed for the last 2 yrs. so fed up, can't see anyone that professionally knows what there on about. My brain fig is so frazzled I can barely remember anything...🤔😢

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There's no-one here with qualifications. This is a patient to patient forum. So, if you're insisting on having a professional opinion, it might be why you aren't getting any answers.

But, if you want an answer based on experience, and years of reading on the subject, I would say that your problem could very well be that you're 'exercising like mad, cutting things down in my diet', both of which will cut down your conversion, so your T3 will be low, and it's low T3 that causes symptoms, like difficulty losing weight.

There are no specialists in thyroid. Not in general medicine, anyway. Endos are diabetes specialists. And it's rare to find a doctor that knows more about thyroid than the hypo patient. The patients have had to learn because the doctors know so little. Yes, there's a lot of contradictory advice/information. So, we just have to use our common sense. And, common sense dictates that before we can fix a problem, we need to know what it is. So, even if this were a forum of 'qualified' thyroid specialists, they would need a little more detail than you're giving. Do you have any copies of your blood test results? If so, post them on here, with the ranges, and that will give people a better idea of what('s going on, what's been tested and what the results are. But, I suspect that your doctor has just been dosing by the TSH, and that is a sure-fire way to keep the patient sick! And that's why your dose keeps going up and down.

We can't allow them to do that to us. We have to take charge. So, if you haven't got copies of your results, you need to get them - if you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a copy - post them on here, and then we can can start sorting this out. But, if you'd rather rely on professionals, then it's probably going to be more difficult.

By the way, there's no trace of you having posted on here before. Did you use a different name?


Hi neon 65 firstly none of us are qualified in anything only fellow sufferers who have studied our illness and offer each other help and advice. Saying that there are alot of knowledgeable people on here.have you got your latest bloodtest results as we need to see ,where your t4/t3 levels are and your tsh to be able to help you, also any vitamin results you might have as lots of us who have hypothyroidism also have low vitamin levels which can impact on our health.

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