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I'm off to see my doctor in a hour, I have a under active thyroid, I'm on 150mg of levothyroxine, last year I saw my endo because I have been struggling with weight loss since it was discovered, the endo did loads of tests and said, we would get to the bottom of this and would hopefully solve why I can't lose weight, I returned to the clinic but it wasn't the same doctor, he said, my bloods was fine and sent me away with a plan to eat 500 cal a day with 2 hours cardio a day.

I couldn't do this and ended up poorly.

I've been on healthy eating exercise 3 times a week and I have gained another stone.

When I see my doctor I need to get some results and help... Not sure what to ask, can someone help me so I can build a case, I can't keep going on like this, it's sole destroying.

The last doctor I asked for my results to be printed so I could take them away but they said no.

Many thanks for reading

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You are entitled to copies of your results - see above :-)

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I asked again, I was allowed to see my results but they wouldn't let me have a print off, tsh was. 0.77, t4 was 1.68

That's all I can remember

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am afraid you need copies - that T4 result sounds odd to me :-)

Odd ? I'm going back for some more bloods next week, so I'm going to ask again, I will take a pen and paper if I have to.

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Don't take levo before your blood test, take it afterwards and have a blood test as early as possible as the TSH is highest then. I hope you will get the full Thyroid Function test and not just the TSH. You're well shot of that Endo. This is a link which may be helpful.

I'm not sure what bloods will be taken next week, but she was only reading the tsh results, she said the t4 meant nothing, because the tsh was in the correct range.. When I go for the test I will query what bloods they are testing and put it to them, tbh I don't know how the thyroid testing works and what is right and wrong.. Is there a website that can explain it to me so I can argue it more with the doctor ?

If you can't get copies of your test results then tell the person who refuses that you are entitled to copies of your results under the Data Protection Act. If they don't give you copies, tell them you will report them to the Information Commisioner's Office (and mean it!).

The citizen's advice bureau has a section on access to medical records :

The above link applies to England, but there are sections on the same site to info about Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - you'll have to search if they are the pages you need.

I get a copy of my results if I want one but need to pay £1 per sheet lol Unbelievable!!! Wonder if that's legal?

What??? :-o

He said my bloods was fine and sent me away with a plan to eat 500 cal a day with 2 hours cardio a day.

500 calories a day? Now, I'm no stranger to very low calorie diets (Cambridge, Slim & Save, Exante, LighterLife - I think Cambridge probably finished my thyroid off, to be honest) but VLCDs are very clear on the exercise point - DON'T! At least, not straight away, and not that much. For heaven's sake...

Like to see him manage on 500 calories a day with an underactive undermedicated thyroid. Mutter, mutter, rude words, mutter... :(

I'd report this idiot to the GMC for medical abuse and gross neglect! 500 calories and 2 hours cardio a day??? That would probably kill a perfectly honed athlete, let alone someone who is hypo and being deliberately kept that way!

I did leave very upset when he said that. I feel at a dead end.

Someone said, testing for tsh alone is no good, what if next week they only test for tsh, is there anything I can say so they test for other thyroid functions?

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Talking to most doctors is like talking to a three foot thick wall! I would save my breath if I were you, and get them done privately. I'm afraid I can't help you with that, but i beleive there is information on the home page here.

500 cals a day, plus all that exercise, is bound to have had a drastic effect on your thyroid, making you much more hypo. Low calorie diets are very bad for hypos, as is excessive exercise. Up your calories to at least 2000 because when you're hypo, you can diet yourself fat! And eat plenty of fat! We need it to make hormones. Just gentle walking until your levels are optimal - and even then, dont over-do it. It's not going to make you lose weight, anyway. Only a decent level of T3 is going to do that. As others have said, you really should report that doctor because that level of ignorance is just criminal!!!

Your doctor's practice sounds abismal! How dare they deny you access to your results! It is your blood, your body, your life and your health they are playing Russian roulette with. Ibso facto : YOUR results! I'm afraid that when we're hypo, we have to learn to stand up for ourselves - I know how difficult it is, but otherwise, they will just trample all over you without a second thought.

My heart goes out to you.

Hugs, Grey

ipso facto

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