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Just been diagnosed with Hypothyroid


Hi I'm new here. Dr diagnosed me a few weeks ago after initially going with a strange spot rash on arms and legs and backside area. After several blood tests and a urine test was told I was B12 deficient and also had an underactive thyroid which he added was quite low. Started to get worried now as I have been reading online (probably not the best thing to do). It was a bit of a shock to me as I have suffered with auto immune disease for years the eczema not surfacing until 1987 when my second daughter was born. My flareups have always been quite mild and usually gone with steroid cream in a week.

12 months ago had bad dermatitis on my hands and it took 12 months to go until I found this natural cream which worked wonders.

I've had enough of health problems, in the last 5 years I've had plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis which is now in control, numerous colds after starting a new job which I didn't really enjoy although settled now so assumed that was the reason being stressed out. Hand eczema and then my dad being diagnosed with vascular dementia and sorting him and my mum out with various things. The rash didn't appear until mid April this year and didn't go to the Drs for 8 weeks trying to deal with it myself. Beginning to wish I hadn't gone now. I'm not on any treatment at the moment although diagnosed nearly 3 weeks ago as I am waiting to hear from the Dr this Thursday on the results from my biopsy due to the ongoing rash.

I'm feeling really down tonight as have been reading what I can't eat with Hypothyroid and its quite depressing. I have always eaten really healthily and some of the items to take out by the list I've seen i enjoy eating. Any help from other sufferers would be appreciated.

I don't have any of the classic symptoms I'm a healthy weight 9 and a half stone, am not fatigued and am not depressed. Don't know whether I should ask for another test or a second opinion.

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There is no need to alter your diet if you don't want too . Only some people feel better with Hashimotos on a gluten and dairy free diet . If you feel well there is no need to worry . Wait and see how you feel once you start Thyroxine. A lot worse of people take the pill and get on with their lives as before . Most people on here are posting as they are still having health issues that they need help with .

Nothing to be afraid of but keep posting your results and ranges and we can help. It may take time to settle on what is right for you but we are here to help.

I know you have read things which have frightened you but one site is good to look at. Thyroid Uk run this forum and the site has so much useful info. It is also recommended by NGS Choices, useful to quote if your GP is a bit iffy. Many doctors aren't good at treating so alwaysaak for a copy of your results with the ranges. The rangesare important as they differ from lab to lab so if you post anything for an opinion we need to see the ranges as well in help you. You may find some of your other problems lessen once you are optimally treated. Don't forget it's not a drug but a hormone that you are low in and need to increase to help your body function correctly.

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