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Help with first visit to GP please?


Greetings from a 'newbie', been following posts since nurse friend suggested that my symptoms might well indicate low thyroid functioning, and realise just how many of the symptoms fit! To be honest, I'm struggling to take in what seems extremely complex info (tho brain fog one of my issues!) , and concerned by the difficulties u guys have clearly faced in getting an accurate diagnosis and the medication u need. A test some years ago was 'lower end of the normal range'. Would anyone be kind enough to suggest a simple guide to what might be appropriate to ask my GP for on my first visit to get the ball rolling..? And also what to say to be persuasive should I encounter any resistance? Generally have found my GP to be heloful when I seem to know what I'm talking about. Would be really grateful for guidance. Thanks.

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Tell your GP your nurse friend has suggested your symptoms may be due to low thyroid (hypothyroidism) and ask for a thyroid function blood test. Arrange the blood test early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking.

Results are usually available in 2-3 days and your GP receptionist should be able to give you a printout of the results and ranges which you can post in a new question for advice.

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Thanks for getting back Clutter. So if would not be relevant to ask about B12 at this point (or would that come up on the general test suggested)? I used to be quite academic, but am so wooly minded these days my confidence has all but disappeared..!

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B12 is a vitamin not thyroid test. If you have symptoms of B12 deficiency in then ask for B12 and folate to be tested. If your GP is agreeable ask for ferritin and vitamin D to be tested too as vitamin and mineral deficiencies can mimic hypothyroid symptoms.

Thanks so much Clutter, will now stop prevaricating and book that appointment!

Why not post back here and tell us how your visit went? Good luck!

If I was your friend I would have suggested that you had a look on the Thyroid Uk site for information and I would have told you that they are very good ( they run this forum) and that NHS Choices recommend them! So as I have introduced myself to you you can tell him what this friend has said!

So have a look and print out the list of symptoms. There are an awful lot but tick the ones you have. There are some that you may not have realised are thyroid related, your doctor may even be treating you for one but with no success S he does t know the cause either. So well worth doing and remember to put down everything, even the ones that are infrequent as those could get worse.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

I imagine that many doctors are very well aware that they are often obliged to treat patients with thyroid problems in a manner not conducive to the best interests of the patient (to put it very politely).

Get your blood test, post the results here in full and then see if the replies you get coincide with the opinion of your doctor.

With any luck your problem will either not be thyroid related or will be treated successfully with simple levothyroxine which will eliminate all of the symptoms from which you are now suffering. If you are prescribed levo and this does not work for you after a sufficient length of time, then post the details with complete blood results for further advice as normally, after that situation arises, your doc is likely to be as useful as an inflatable dartboard.

Thank you for taking the time to help me people! Feel encouraged to go and get test soon, and better for making the decision. Been beating myself up for so long now about 'getting really lazy' .... !

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