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My GP told me a week ago that the practice can't prescribe me T3 because"it isn't cost effective". I know for a fact that a month's supply now costs our local pharmacy £250+ to buy in. Someone somewhere is taking it out of a the NHS - but that's another story. I've been on it well over twenty years and know how I am without it - no motivation or interest,no energy - so I've been trying to buy some online. It's not easy - I had one refund from PayPal because of no response to my email enquiries. Will someone out there PM me if there's a reputable source and give me a web address. I'm going to run out inside a week and I don't look forward to becoming a virtual zombie.🤔

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You can dispute this. BTA guidelines state that if a patient is doing well on T3 it should not be withdrawn. You may have to put up a bit of a fight. Do not accept the doctor's limp reasoning.

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Here's the link for the BTA guidelines:


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thanks for that. i'm going to sew into the lining of my coat

It's illegal to be refused a medication due to cost.

However, in my experience, they will just give a different excuse to deny you it & you will still have to try & get it privately, which is becoming harder & harder & more expensive.

Hello mumcat2,,,why are they now playing hard ball with you?,,if they have been supplying you with tis medication for 20 years,,then the cost excuse is not admissible,,,they pharmacy gets paid back for all meds they buy for prescription supply,,,could it be down to the buying and paying back time?,,,tell your gp the pharmacy's problems should not affect your medication and treatment,,,if necessary change pharmacy's,,,Your gp has to get on the case and maintain your medication,,and not allow the pharmacy to dictate your treatment and medication supply,,,,good luck,,,ttfn from karen.

Would the Dr deny his family or even himself if it made a difference in his or his families wellbeing?

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