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give me suggestion

my age is 15 years completed.I had a thyroid test 3 months ago - the TSH result was 6.10. The doctor said this was borderline (although my research has led me to believe that 5-5.5 is borderline.) Anyway, I had another blood test done last week. This time the result was 6.8. The doctor told me that this was perfectly normal - and completely ignored me when I said, 'but I feel so unwell'.

I feel physically weak - my body aches, stomach pains, constipation, cramps and poor circulation in my calves, toes so cold they look blue/purple, skin rashes & allergies. Mentally I'm feeling terribly down. My moods change from day to day, and I'm depressed, teary, and irritable. I can't concentrate and focus on work anymore. As I'm working at my laptop, my eyes start drooping, and I can't get anything done.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer. I don't know where to go from here, and feel generally depressed and confused about it.

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Hi Sindhusha I'm sorry you've been feeling so unwell and that your doctor is not listening to you. This is so disheartening and I'm not surprised you feel so fed up. Take heart you will get lots of support, help and advice on this forum. I would go back again to your GP as soon as you can and take a written list of all your symptoms and stress how unwell you feel and how much it's affecting your quality of life. A TSH of 6 is raised and suggests hypothyroidism. You should ask your GP to test for the thyroid hormones as well - free T4 and free T3 and also to check your thyroid antibodies TPO and Trab and also to check your vitamin B12 levels, folate vitamin D and ferritin to see if these are low. Could you also take someone into your appointment with you to advocate on your behalf if needed- a friend or relative? When you get these blood tests done ask for print outs of your results and you can post on this forum. Include the result and reference ranges and people will be able to help and advise you if your GP still refuses to listen.


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