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Wrinkled fingertips connected to thyroid issues?

I have wrinkled fingertips, which is usually normal after soaking them in water, but I seem to have them all the time. So I Google it and it seems to be connected to diabetes, dehydration and thyroid issues. What a coincidence!

I do not think I have diabetes, I am not dehydrated or if I am ,drinking water does not resolve it, my fingertips remain wrinkly. So what do we have left then?

Not that any doctor would even consider this as a symptom of anything.


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Yes, I had wrinkled fingers and the skin was very orange on them too when I was very hypothyroid. They're fine now I'm optimally medicated.

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So its definitely possible, on that article it's mentioned as common symptoms. I had no idea it could have any connection so it was a surprise first match on Google suggest it without searching wrinkled fingertips + thyroid.

For me it may or may not be the cause ,but good to know someone had it and optimising thyroid levels resolved it. Makes it more plausible when it actually happened to someone with thyroid issues.


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