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Surrey Support Group

I am starting a new support group in Surrey with the first meeting on Saturday 9 September at 11am. It can be in Woking, Weybridge or Walton depending on which is convenient for most people so if you are interested in coming please let me know which town would be best for you. We will meet in a pub so you will need to buy a tea or coffee but there will be no other cost.

If you are not able to attend the first meeting but would be interested in future ones please let me know. They will be bi-monthly and do not all have to be on a Saturday if a week day or evening is better for most people.

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any in Plymouth ???


I can maybe do Woking or Wokingham ( bit nearer for me ) ... would love to meet, please keep me posted.





Replied to your pm. I will be away on 9th september. Weybridge is probably better for parking etc.


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