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Introducing T3 for my 16 year old advice please

!6 year old daughter, Hashimotos since age 12. Goitre, monitoring nodules. Currently on 100mcg Euthyrox. Endo agreed to trial her on T3. Before I start would appreciate any help on when/how she should take it and possible side effects to look out for.

Endo suggested keep her on her 100mcg T4 add 5mcg T3 for 2 weeks, then up the T3 dose to 10mcg?

Does that sound about right? He suggested taking in the evening but for her its better in the morning with all the other supplements she has to juggle, does it make that much of a difference?

Also does she take the T4 and T3 in one gulp or leave a short gap between the 2?

I had her bloods done yesterday, results not yet in, so we can see where she currently is and will have them done again before we see Endo on 24 August.

Anything else I should be doing/looking out for?

Thank you in advance for all the invaluable help I have received since discovering this amazing forum

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Your daughter can take T3 with her Euthyrox at whatever time of day best suits her. There will be a list of potential adverse effects on the patient information leaflet which comes with the T3. It is normal to feel a rise in pulse/heart rate an hour or two after taking T3 and it usually subsides within another hour or two.

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What was her latest thyroid test results?

Edit - sorry just realised you are awaiting results. If they are optimal, then you want to swap rather than add, if there's room for dose increase then add T3 :-)

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