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Thyroid crisis help please


Ordered a thyroid testing kit this week am I ok to post results in group for opinions? My GP service is pretty awful and because of my location I cant change.. I feel really tired all the time, headaches, muscle pain, hair falling out :( a pain in the middle of my neck like a swelling, just really feeling down and depressed like nothing picks me up :( Ive been having issues with Lyme disease for the past few years (diagnosed late April this year) but I have been told I have low estrogen and vitamin D (which I havent been treated for) I live in the UK and have NHS healthcare but have been severely neglected and left to self treat.. I was told by my GP a few years ago that my levels were off for my thyroid but not enough to treat even tho I was having treatment, Im not sure what to do as I feel very unwell and have heard of people self medicating with NDT, can anyone shed some light?

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It is definitely all right for you to post your results, you may want to post them to this community only for privacy. It is such a denial on the part of the physicians to determine you don't need treatment without showing you the results and explaining why. They are hiding under a mask of ignorance in my opinion. I've learned about Lyme diseases and you should be monitored for that. I've been here for several years but I live in the U.S. so I'm not sure of all the options you have but I have read thousands of posts and the NHS seems to offer the barest minimum of healthcare. You must get your vitamin D levels into normal range. Many posters are obtaining their own NDT, T3 and T4 and making progress. You can also get your own tests. Keep posting and asking for advice.

Yes there are lots of us that will be able to help.

A lot of us self medicate it's the only way to get well as NHS are only concerned with funding so sadly we don't get the treatment we need.

High strength vitamin D can be bought relitively cheaply so a good place to start.

Let's have a look at your bloods first before we recommend anything else.

There's a link with Lyme and Hashimotos Thyroditis, did your test include thyroid antibodies?

Don't forget to post the ranges as well as they differ from lab to lab or otherwise we would be just guessing.

Yes, start with your Vit D, Vit B12 and Ferritin (an iron) levels, you might have to do private testing via Horizon or True Health Labs - Google for private UK blood test labs. If any levels are low, take a supplement which you can buy OTC and bring them up to par. After about three weeks (which should be enough to bring those levels up) go back to your doctor if there is no improvement and ask him/her for basic thyroid tests (TSH, fT3 and antibodies). If s/he is willing to do more, great, but at least start with those. Post your results here, we can give our opinions and we take it from there as to what to do next.

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