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High levels of thyroid hormone linked to more weight loss after bariatric surgery

Quite interesting study :

"Preoperative levels of TSH and free T4, and variation within the reference range of free T3, were not associated with weight loss. By contrast, the 11.4 percent of patients whose free T3 was higher than the reference range (free T3 above 3.71 picograms per milliliter) lost significantly more excess weight than did the patients with normal free T3 (76.6% vs 65.4%). No patients had free T3 below the reference range"


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Thanks for posting. It is quite true that many who take levothyroxine gain weight usually because doctors keep their dose too low to keep numbers 'in range' and their metabolism is too slow. Doctors stop increasing as soon as result is anywhere in the range - even the top. when we know a TSH of 1 or lower is best. T4 is inactive and T3 is active. Rarely do they test FT4 and FT3. Research has shown that a combination T4/T3 improves a lot of patients' health.



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